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Please Tell Me I’m Dreaming

Somebody, or several somebodies, will disagree with me on this, and that is fine, but maybe you could please tell me I’m dreaming, or maybe it’s a nightmare. Today I heard some news about Deputy Chief Constable Maggie Blyth. … Read the whole post

Apparently I Have Been A Very Naughty Boy

Apparently I have been a very naughty boy. Today I received the following email from my website host Your Business Web Hosting for has exceeded its resource usage limits. This could slow the performance of your websites and cause 503 (Service Unavailable) errors.… Read the whole post

RIP Old Friend TJF

I wrote a short piece on the Book of Faeces this morning, that was in a Closed Group, so most of you won’t have have seen it.  RIP Old Friend TJF, a personal opinion of how I see the future of the Metropolitan Police Service Not Force.… Read the whole post
Manchester Run

An Honestly Held Belief

Reading Time: 3 minutesAn Honestly Held Belief There is a principle in law that a person is entitled to use an appropriate level of force if they have an honestly held belief that it is necessary because they, or somebody else, is in Enjoyed the post?… Read the whole post
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This Troubles Me

In fact, this troubles me greatly. THREE years ago 5 Metropolitan Police Officers stopped a motor vehicle containing a couple of athletes. I have previously written about this here and here.   … Read the whole post
smoke and mirrors

We Have Been Royally Had Over

Reading Time: 3 minutesNothing to do with the Royal Family, but we have been royally had over by recent versions of what the Conservatives like to call a government. We all know by now the extent of the damage caused to Policing the Tories since 2010, so I’m not going to waste your time or mine Enjoyed the post?… Read the whole post
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I Have Had Enough

I have had enough. As many of you will know, I retired from the Met just a few days over 21 years ago.  For the last 21 years I have defended the institution that is the Met, and the majority of the people in it, but times have changed.… Read the whole post
The Bucket Metaphor and Demand for Police Officers Q320

The Shrinking Metropolitan Police

Whilst giving evidence to the London Assembly Police and Crime Committee recently, the Commissioner, Sir Mark Rowley, made reference to the shrinking Metropolitan Police Service (my description, not his). He claimed that the Met was losing more officers than it recruited.… Read the whole post
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