Beware The Guardians of Social Media

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I have thought about this long and hard, it isn’t exactly hot off the press, but I do need to get it off my chest.  I can only say that any, and all, serving Police Officers (amongst others) need to beware the guardians of Social Media.

It probably hasn’t escaped your notice that a serving Police Inspector with 26 years service was dismissed without notice after Disciplinary Proceedings for Gross Misconduct arising out of a series of Tweets.

If the press reports are to be believed it would appear that his Tweets were certainly not above criticism. 

As a serving officer he should most certainly should have thought more about his Tweets before posting them, although, personally, the only ones I have seen have been the ones referenced in the Press.

But was it Gross Misconduct, and Dismissal the appropriate sanction?

Well the Chief Constable obviously thought so, but I wonder how much notice was taken of the history of the complainant(s).

The person who “should have been thrown in the sea” is a female who came to notice during the Sarah Everard vigil, and many of us know who that is and you will presumably have your own opinions, in support, or otherwise.

I don’t think that it’s revealing any personal data by identifying the person who made the complaint, as she has happily allowed herself to be named and quoted by a national newspaper.

Beware The Guardians of Social Media
Daily Mirror

I do not endorse Insp Grimwade’s Tweets, but I do question whether Dismissal Without Notice is the appropriate resolution, and I’m not particularly impressed that some of the people involved in this sorry saga have taken to X (was Twitter) gloating. 

I don’t know Mr Grimwade and I have no knowledge of his personal and domestic circumstances, but Dismissal after 26 years over some Tweets COULD have a devastating effect, but I sincerely hope not.

I will no doubt get some flak for this from any Keyboard Warriors who have not already blocked me, but I feel it’s important, after this outcome,that all serving officers think twice or three times before hitting the Post Button because there are obviously at least a few people out there who would seek to destroy your career, and it just isn’t worth it.

X was Twitter is, in my opinion, quite a toxic place at the moment, and even former Police Officers might report you to Professional Standards if you allow yourselves to be sucked into their narrative.  Possibly best just to Mute, Block and move on like they are very quick to do (yet somehow still manage to read your content and report it.



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  1. Hi Alan, I must say in this day and age, when you speak, you never do so surrounded by a small group of like-minded buddies in the pub. Now it’s infront of an ever-growing circle of friends and vultures, always happy to pick at the carcass, I’m loathed to say who I used to work for, but taking a side is nerve wrecking, but side taking is exactly what we all must do, and being martyred on the pole of public opinion is certainly not as heartbreaking as being martyred elsewhere in the world. So I’ll continue to support who I need to for their just cause to be heard in my own small way…

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