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Met Manpower Part 2 Staffing Levels

The Met Still Having Problems

In the second of the brief updates on previous posts this one provides an update on Met Manpower, and Met Manpower Part 2.Once again, I don’t propose to say much about it, I’m quite happy for the Met’s Senior Management (not Leaders) to explain.… Read the whole post
Knife Angel in Telford Stops and Knives

Stops And Knives

A week or so ago, one of my e-friends from X was Twitter asked whether I had an update on my comparison of Stop/Searches against Knife Crime. I didn’t have one at that time, but it didn’t take too long to knock him up a quick rough and dirty update.… Read the whole post
Met Manpower Part 2 Staffing Levels

Met Manpower Part 2

One interesting response to my previous post was that I was contacted by a couple of former Met officers informing me that they really “don’t give a shit”.  I wasn’t offended, but I was saddened that anybody who devoted the majority, or all, of their working lives to the Met no longer gives a shit. … Read the whole post
Met Manpower Part 2 Staffing Levels

Met Manpower

I make absolutely no apology for the title Met Manpower, as I use man in the ‘mankind’ context and nothing to do with gender at all.  I’m of an age where I get fed up with being bullied and humiliated into not using perfectly acceptable, common-usage terms. … Read the whole post
The Angiolini Report Crisis

The Angiolini Report

Today there has been much discussion, debate and many views and questions following the publication of The Angiolini Report. Lady Elish Angiolini has been conducting an enquiry following the shocking events surrounding former PC Wayne Couzens and others.… Read the whole post
why do i bother?

Why Do I Bother?

Events from the last week or so have left me wondering “Why do I bother?” In no particular order, the sort of things that have been vexing me are; The extraordinary outcome of an investigation by the Independent Office for Police Conduct, but that is far from being an isolated incident. … Read the whole post
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