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Exactly Why TJF

The main reason I’m writing this is simply because it’s too long for an X Was Twitter.  The other reason is to share my views on how & why TJF. I have spent most of this morning on the phone trying to source a new TV because I was stupid enough to watch the latest episode of To Catch A Copper,  The Chief Constable of Avon and Somerset, Sarah Crew, had invited the cameras in to see how the PSD and Anti Corruption Unit work, what they do and a cross-section of the sort of incidents they deal with.… Read the whole post
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Who remembers Austerity?  Who could forget Austerity unless they were a child at the time? David Camoron and George Osborne gave birth to the idea of Austerity after the Tories’ less than convincing election win in 2010 which resulted in a less than satisfactory coalition with the Lib Dems.… Read the whole post
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Our Woeful Government

Hopefully just a short one today.  It seems we’re due a General Election this year, and I couldn’t let that creep up on me without posting a few thoughts about the performance of our woeful government.… Read the whole post
lies damn lies and the home office

Lies Damn Lies and the Home Office

There has been discussion recently (again) about Police staffing levels, in the face of an increase in UK population, an increase in demand and the equivalent of an estimated 6,000 of the 21,000 found under the Police Uplift Programme being abstracted from Front Line Policing to fulfil roles usually performed by Police Staff. … Read the whole post
Time To Stop Banging

Time To Stop Banging

Happy New Year to you all, however, cynical old me thinks that it’s time to stop banging my head against the much-abused wall. It suddenly occurred to me that I have been writing this blog for over 10 years, which is an awful lot of bollocks in anybody’s books. … Read the whole post
Who would you rather trust?

Who Would You Rather Trust?

This week saw the publication of the 2023 IPSOS Veracity Index, illustrating how trustworthy the Great British Public perceive a selection of Professions to be.  Who would you rather trust? I must begin by revealing that it contained a few surprises to me.… Read the whole post
To Join Or Not To Join?

To Join Or Not To Join?

To join or not to join?  To leave or not to leave? Those are the questions. It may come as no surprise to you to hear that I’m not really a fan of the Police Uplift Programme, I have written more than enough about it already, however, today I am tempted just a little bit more.… Read the whole post
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Against The Odds

As a rule I try not to promote the BBC, I personally find them to be less than independent, and frequently appear to be more interested in making the news than simply reporting it. … Read the whole post
keyboard warrior Beware The Guardians of Social Media

Beware The Guardians of Social Media

I have thought about this long and hard, it isn’t exactly hot off the press, but I do need to get it off my chest.  I can only say that any, and all, serving Police Officers (amongst others) need to beware the guardians of Social Media.… Read the whole post
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