Met Manpower

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I make absolutely no apology for the title Met Manpower, as I use man in the ‘mankind’ context and nothing to do with gender at all.  I’m of an age where I get fed up with being bullied and humiliated into not using perfectly acceptable, common-usage terms.  If offended please stop reading now.

Met Manpower

Like several other people, I suspect, I have been hearing rumours that officers are leaving the Met in greater numbers than are being recruited.  I have also heard rumours that many officers recruited nationally under the Police Uplift Programme are already leaving.

The first one I can take a look at and see what the truth of the matter is, as the Medt published monthly workforce stats.  The latter, I have no idea and it will be a few months yet before the next set of national stats are released.

So what do the figures say?

Met Manpower
Total No of Officers

I think it’s safe to assume that numbers are going down, almost every month for the last year.

Met Manpower
Joiners vs Leavers

At the risk of stating the bleedin’ obvious, wherever the red line is higher than the yellow one officers are leaving in greater number than those joining.

Finally, why are they leaving?

Met Manpower
All Routes Out

Once males and females are added together, there was only one month (May 2023) when the numbers retiring were greater than the voluntary resignations, and that is simply not sustainable and should be addressed urgently.

Anybody wanting the actual numbers or more info, or if your Force publishes similar data locally, monthly, just drop me a note in the comments below, I read them all.

I’m hoping that next week I can devote some time to age groups and length of service, fingers crossed


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  1. I’m interested in MET.
    Medically retired


    Monthly/yearly figures

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