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Purdah? What Purdah?

purdah what purdah
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Just a short one today, winding down, less than 3 months till I finally shut up and leave you all in peace.  With the 2024 General Election  due next month, a whole sector of the population is effectively gagged by Purdah. For that very reason I don’t invite comment from anybody who is still serving, or otherwise constrained by Purdah.

My aim today is simply to remind anybody who may have missed or underestimated it, the damage caused to Policing since the Conservatives (Coalition) were returned to power in 2010, and why we should all think carefully before we vote on July 4th (Independence Day).

The first is just a simple chart showing the effect on the whole Police ‘Family’.  It should be noted that the grand total has still never recovered back to its 2010 peak.

Purdah What Purdah
Austerity 1

The second is exactly the same data, but separated out into its major components, Police Officers, Specials, PCSOs and Support Staff, or, as they were affectionately known, Bloody Civvies.

Just click on either of the two images to open them up in a new window.

purdah what purdah
Austerity 2





July 4th is not far off now, so be careful who you vote for, you might get them.

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