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The Met in Crisis?

The Angiolini Report Crisis
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I may have mentioned this before, but Sir Mark Rowley believes that there is a crisis in the Met.  In particular, he believes this crisis has been brought about  by lack of funding, and poor recruitment.  I agree that there is a crisis in the Met, as well as other Forces, but I’m not totally convinced that I agree with him on what is causing it.


I’m not privvy to the finer details of the Met’s funding, but I do know two things.

  • It is a matter of public record that the Home Office witheld £31 Million of funding because the Met didn’t achieve its target under the Police Uplift Programme.  The target was just over 4,500 in the 3 years of PUP, but they fell short by 1,300. That must surely be part of the ‘crisis’ surely?
  • Under several incarnations of government since 2010 Policing in general has been savaged in many ways, including exceedingly reduced budgets. The Met held out for as long as possible by selling the family silver, but eventually had to succumb and start shedding officers and staff, because the Home Secretary said. Some might even view Mrs May as a c risis all by herself.


In the past few years the Metropolitan Police, in particular, has been absolutely savaged reputationally, due to the actions of a very few members of the Met.  I do not seek to defend or justify those officers and/or their actions.  They are totally indefensible.

My view, in relation to Westminster politicians, has always been that Lawmakers should not be Lawbreakers.  I will never change my mind on that, and the same standards MUST apply to Lawkeepers.

However, politicians are not perfect, and some of them too are subject of criminal investigations, including sexual offences. The same is also true of SOME doctors, nurses, teachers, Prison Officers, servicemen etc etc, but there is hardly a ripple when another one of those appears in the press, if indeed it does.


As previously stated, the Met fell short of its recruitment target under PUP by some 1,300 officers, the only Force to miss their target. Since then I have been able to understand recruitment patterns in the Met. I have no knowledge of potential policies, but it’s just a series of peaks and troughs.

Joiners vs Leavers 2023/24


Frequently the number of officers leaving the Met exceeds those joining.  Overall, between March 2009 and March 2023 a total of 27,842 officers joined the Met, including

voluntary leavers 4 Crisis
Voluntary Leavers

transfers in from other Forces.  During the same period at total of 24,455 officers left the Met, including transfers out to other Forces.  In October 2023 only ONE more person joined the Met than those who left.

All in all this doesn’t really tell us very much that is new, or unknown.

With this in mind I decided to only look at those officers leaving the Met voluntarily.

That tells a completely different story.  Since 2009/10, for the majority of years, the number of officers leaving the Met voluntarily has steadily increased.  These are merely bald statistics. I have no idea why these officers resigned or sought a transfer, but the point is that they are doing so VOLUNTARILY in increasing numbers.






My own personal opinion is that the Met IS in crisis, and not just the beginning of one.  However, I respectfully disagree with Sir Mark.  There doesn’t seem to be much evidence to support a Recruitment Crisis, but there does seem to be a Crisis (if I may use that word) in their Retention.  I have no clue as to whether the officers resigning voluntarily are brand new recruits who didn’t realise what they were signing up for, or experienced officers, which would represent a more serious problem for the Met.

If we are to regain the public’s trust, plus our well-deserved reputation globally (in Policing) then I suggest that this is not sustainable.  It is a record that the Conservative Party should be ashamed of, (the party of Law and Order, HAH), and David Cameron, Theresa May and Sir Tom should actually be held responsible for their cuts, and barely concealed contempt.

Followed swiftly by every Chief Offficer who meekly said “Yes Ma’am” instead of pointing out what was the bleedin’ obvious to the Frontline troops.  Central Government went on to compound the problem by refusing to listen, and even go so far as to threaten the whole Service with sanctions if they didn’t do as Mrs May told them.  Not only did government all but destroy Policing they most certainly diod destroy morale with their savage changes to Pensions and Terms of Service.  Never forgiven, and I’m retired, it didn’t affect me like it did thousands of others.


And finally, I have found this post from a couple of weeks ago, that asks many of the same questions.  It makes interesting reading, and I can’t think of a reason why it should be slewed one way or the other.

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