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Who Would You Rather Trust?

Who would you rather trust?

Last updated on December 21st, 2023 at 08:38 pm

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This week saw the publication of the 2023 IPSOS Veracity Index, illustrating how trustworthy the Great British Public perceive a selection of Professions to be.  Who would you rather trust?

I must begin by revealing that it contained a few surprises to me.

Who would you rather trust?Despite a few recent assorted scandals involving members of the Medical and Teaching professions, they both scored very highly (both 85% or higher), even higher than Judges (74%), and considering the poll is designed to test how well we trust various professions to tell the truth I find that surprising. Doctors remaining the same as 2022, and Nurses only losing

Who Would You Rather Trust?
Most Trusted

one point.

Whilst they have slipped a bit in the last couple of years The Police are, at least, still in the top half of the chart (56%), which is encouraging, but a bit of a surprise bearing in mind the bashing (some deserved, some maybe not) they have taken over the last couple of years.

Propping up the bottom of the table we find (quite shockingly,

Who Would You Rather Trust?
Least Trusted

but hardly susrprising) Government Ministers and Politicians Generally, both having slipped a few points since lasst year.

Those numbers are an absolute disgrace, for any political party, and, I would dare to suggest, is a pretty good indicator that the governmemnt have lost the Electorate.  I don’t need to bring my own political preferences into it to form the opinion that we desperately need a change of government.

How has this been allowed to happen?   I can only express an opinion, but Govt Ministers  reached their ‘peak’ of perceived trustwortiness in 2008.  The Prime Minister at that time was Gordon Brown. He was usurped by Cameron and public perception of Govt trustworthiness went from a Record High to all-time low of 10%.

Who Would You Rather Trust?

In the spirit of fairness the equivalent chart for the much-maligned Police, not very popular with government, is reproduced below, but basically illustrates that the public confidence to tell the truth is also at an all-time low, BUT twice as high as Govt Ministers’ all-time HIGH, make of that what you will.


Who Would You Rather Trust?






UPDATE 21/12/2023

politicians 2
Self Destruction
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5 thoughts on “Who Would You Rather Trust?”

  1. It strikes me that, worldwide, people who can cast a vote in their country are more voting AGAINST one candidate than for another. It seems the “anyone but them” is alive and well; that is not a good place to be, because, for example, voters in America will soon (most likely) be voting for one of two old, white men with pretty obvious cognitive issues, neither who would be the favourite of their party (oh, I know all about Trump and his takeover of their Republican Party), in a voting population that is less old, less white, and less interested than in the past.

    They will have a time, won’t they?

  2. Some thoughts
    There is police, the local kind that is supposed to know their neighbors and keep streets safe for people as well as citizens.
    Too often replaced with occupying force strategies of terror in these same neighborhoods crushing skulls and dissent toward a calculating system of pain and punishment. Gotta thank Israel for that, so much cross border cross training for one of the safest jobs in society.
    But, above that local level it gets exponentially worse the higher you go where laws are tossed or made for private political interests.
    The cops should all be arresting the feckless phuques that are the traitors to humanity our people and nations, and especially our Constitutions.
    Pegs and holes mandates and misery
    Lined up against a wall.

  3. Now a few years back IPSOS asked about trust in senior police officers and from memory they scored badly against the “officer on the beat”.

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