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Is It Any Wonder That The Government Has You By The Sphericals?

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Last updated on September 21st, 2023 at 08:29 pm

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I have oft times wondered how exactly the government get away with their aggressive tactics whilst ‘reforming’ the Police Service.

Personally, I don’t see much ‘Reform’ going on, just lots of things where the government gets its way over the Police.  No compromise, little, if any, consultation.  JFDI.

The arguments will rattle on for years about whether the Federation has done sufficient for its members.  I have been out of the game for too long now, 14 years, so I’m probably not best qualified to express an opinion here.  I have one, but I shall keep it to myself for a change.

Last night, over a cheeky Lambrini, I discovered that I had a set of stats that I was completely oblivious to having; the length of service for officers in the Police Service.

For all of the Forces in England and Wales (including BTP) the graph looks like this, with a clear spike in mid-service.


I suspect that officers with 0-5 years might be more likely to leave if things don’t please them greatly, and with the latest proposals coming out of the College and NPCC might actually be unofficially ‘encouraged’ to leave.

Officers in the 25-30+ category may well leave early as the loss of pension is not so great after tax, and may be deemed to be a price worth paying.

Those in the middle, the clear majority, are those who might be deemed to be ‘stuck’.  A huge spike in the 10-15 year category.  For years we have had all kinds of agencies telling us that we have untold ‘transferrable skills’, now we get the NPCC and College of Policing telling us that we don’t possess transferrable skills at all, so we have to do it their way.

Many of you will, quite reasonably, have been convinced that the only way forward is to knuckle down and do it their way. 10-15 years service, mortgage, family, kids at university, maintenance payments, suddenly staying in The Job and toeing the line doesn’t look quite so bad compared with the alternative.  Who could blame you if that’s how you think?  It was only the {expensive} pension that kept me (relatively) sane for 30 years.  It is factors such as this that allow NPCC, College and Home Secretary to get away with their, sometimes, outrageous ‘reforms’.  I make absolutely no apology for repeating that Reform means Improvement, and I’m far from convinced that the Police Service is being ‘Improved’.




  • 1Make changes in (something, especially an institution or practice) in order to improve it:

    ‘the Bill will reform the tax system’

A Happy New Year to you all, wherever you sit on the above graph, retired, or interested onlooker.

I have the stats for all of the individual forces, so if you are interested to know what the spread is closer to home, by all means DM or email me and I’ll let you have a copy, complete with a nice coloured graph.

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