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Has Theresa May Been Kidnapped?

Last updated on May 8th, 2023 at 11:42 am

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Well, you never know your luck, but she has certainly gone surprisingly quiet.

Not a politician afraid to speak her mind.  Never known to be slow to take the opportunity of criticising the Police or Border Force, but where is she?  We haven’t been treated to any bile for ages?

If we’re really lucky she’ll be sunning herself on a foreign beach somewhere prior to returning to Britain via Calais where she can witness the shambles there for herself.

Maybe the Summer Sales have started at Christian Laboutin and she will emerge eventually.

I haven’t heard anything from Mrs May since the end of last month (some may say thankfully).  Not that anything significant has happened recently at home of course.

Two males have been convicted of the Manslaughter of PC Neil Doyle, whilst he was enjoying a night out with some colleagues.  In response to their convictions the Home Secretary said…………………..NOTHING.

Police in East London came under attack from 400 Party-goers pelting them with bottles.  It was reported on Social Media and numerous Media outlets  e.g.

Bottles and bricks thrown at police from balconies as 400-strong mob clash with officers amid Hackney party chaos

Stamford Hill party attack: Metropolitan police officers attacked by 400 people wearing masks and throwing bricks in Hackney


Police attacked by masked revellers at Hackney party

And the Home Secretary said………….NOTHING. I have absolutely lost track of the number of knives that have been taken off the streets in the last month, how many stabbings there have been, and the constants presence of a few shootings.  According to the Office of National Statistics, Violent Crime rose by 21% in 2014 across England and Wales.  21%!!!!!  2,030 Violent Crimes recorded by Police EVERY DAY.    Overall crime recorded by police in the 2014 calendar year increased by 2 per cent to 3.8 million, and still nobody in government contradicts the stupid #CrimeIsDown mantra.  Crime is NOT down, it is UP, and what does the Home Secretary say about it?……………….NOTHING Finally, I must thank my reader for bringing the following article from the Grauniad to my attention;

The mother who defends stop and frisk: ‘What about my dead son’s civil rights?’

For the benefit of the Home Secretary, Lee Jasper and all other do-gooders, there is clearly another side to Stop and Search.  I don’t propose to repeat what I have already written about it, but consider this, from the Grauniad; Akeal Christopher was a 12 year old black youth, shot dead in 2012.  Three years later, the shooter, who most likely still lives in the neighbourhood, remains at large. The failure of the police to find justice for Akeal and others like him has led his mother to one firm and yet seemingly counter-intuitive conviction: stop and frisk should be reinstated to save lives in the black community.

Young black men, who make up 23% of the city’s [New York] population accounted for more than 50% of the stops. And yet the police kept stopping and frisking, until last year. On 12 August 2013, stop and frisk was ruled to be unconstitutional, and was officially banned from the city. A recent article found that shootings in New York are up 9% since last year and homicides are up by almost 20%. But could stop and frisk have lowered those numbers? While she acknowledges stop and frisk engaged in racial profiling and should be modified, to her it was still working – and guns were being removed. “The number seems low, but 6,000 less guns equals hundreds of saved lives,” she says. “Until the black community stops killing each other, some people will have to be stopped and frisked. Everyone talks about civil rights, but what about my son’s civil rights? What about my civil rights?”

Please read the article in its entirety.  I fully accept that I have merely quoted some of a much longer article, but who can argue against Ms Christopher’s plea?  Sometimes we have to infringe the Human Rights of some to protect others.  It IS a difficult balancing act and sometimes impossible to get right.  Next time you hear someone going on about Stop and Search just remember the recent stabbings, the outbreak of Zombie Killer knives on the streets of London and elsewhere.  How else can we tackle those problems WITHOUT Stop and Search.  If you want to criticise PLEASE provide a viable alternative to consider. Here is just one example of a Zombie Killer knife available to buy online Are the streets of London so overrun by Zombies that this is the weapon of last resort?  Finally I give you this from just today, search Twitter, there are MANY others, just look at the picture please;

And what has our Stop and Search Queen, Theresa May, had to say on this subject?……………..NOTHING


For those of you who don’t remember what she looks like, here she is

If found please inform your local Police asap

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  1. Ghastly old hag and a very poor Home Sec full of excuses very short on action. Cannot help but think she took on the role as Camoron ‘s poodle all too willingly.Hateful spiteful evil bitch.

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