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Dear Media, Why Do You Hate Us So?

Last updated on September 22nd, 2023 at 05:24 pm

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Dear Media, are you really the right hand men of an incompetent government, intent to bring the Police Service, and others, to their knees? Or is it just that it looks that way?

Newspaper headlines are almost always slanted to make our Police Service look incompetent, violent or corrupt.  Even when the events being reported occur abroad, that fact is omitted from the banner headlines, so that the reader might reasonably assume that was in UK

Shooting of unarmed white man shown in police body camera videoCALIFORNIA

White female police officer charged with manslaughter after shooting unarmed black man Tulsa

Death of unarmed black man Terence Crutcher, shot by police with his hands up, sparks protests and official investigationTulsa

The list goes on.

Even when relaying the news from this country the headlines don’t always describe the reality, or omit an alternative scenario.

Snapchat video captures moment ‘a police officer repeatedly punches a suspect in the head five times’ – when one reads the whole article it is actually mentioned that the suspect was actually biting the officer’s leg and that was why he was being punched.  The article also contained the information that the whole incident had been investigated by the Aforce’s Professional Standards Department who adjuged that the amount of force used was in fact reasonable.  Not the impression given by the banner headline though is it?

Then there’s our old friend corruption. ALL cops are corrupt, didn’t you know?  Well at least that’s what the press would have us believe.

Scotland Yard launches ‘bent cop’ probe after 13 unsolved murder files lost – except that when one reads the whole article it includes this

The Met said they have no evidence the files, all dating back to the 1980s, have been destroyed by corrupt police officers, but added: “This is kept under constant review.”

Not quite such a strong story now is it?  The Met is a HUGE organisation and storage of its paper files must be a total nightmare. It is more probable that they have simply been lost/mislaid/misfiled.

The Met can’t find 13 files, who knows where they are?”  is not such an attention grabbing headline is it?

SOME officers are corrupt, but not very many.  Decent officers won’t and don’t tolerate corruption.  I am absolutely convinced that the Met, along with every other Force, would absolutely love to rid themselves of corrupt officers.  A little thing called EVIDENCE is what keeps getting in the way.  Many Forces have prosecuted and/or sacked corrupt officers when they have the EVIDENCE, but it’s a bit tricky without.

So, members of the press, if you have any EVIDENCE of Police corruption produce it and I’m 100% confident that it will be investigated and the appropriate action taken, if not, please stop labelling cops as Corrupt when you can’t prove it.

It’s no better than me saying that all journos are bunging Police Officers and Prison Officers for information.  I’m sure it goes on but do you ALL do it?  No, probably not.

Stop acting like the government’s paid bullies and try employing more accurate and responsible headlines.

Some while ago I wrote this,  it seems that the Press are playing their part very well.

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  1. Gordon Williamson

    Agree totally Alan.
    It is in the press interest to undermine the Police.
    It means more sensationalist stories and if they really stir the S**,t then they might incite serious public disorder.
    That will sell loads of papers and it’s really cheap television news. They can roll out the usual “experts” who have some ology but have never done anything in the real world and speculate for hours. Then invite someone who might know what they are talking about for a 5 minute spot followed by the great unwashed screaming about brutality, various isms, throw in a bit of BLM. Weeks of cheap, easy press.
    Lots of MP’s on either side of the house get their faces on the TV, all part of the publicity gravy train.
    Who cares about the damage to property, the injuries to Public and Police it’s all great sensational TV.
    They are parasites!

  2. Bluegrass

    For Gods sake if this lot of bosses got a sniff of corruption from a junior Officer they would not rest till they stitched them up.It gives them a reason for living and as Kevin Keggan said ‘I would love it really,really love it’.

  3. Stella Coppard

    As always bang on trend and direct to the glaringly obvious bad press from all sections of the media. Every one reading the constant misrepretational articles has to ask themselves the question: why are journalists so determined to undermine Police Officers and thereby undermine the fabric of society. A Government needs strong Policing to ensure stability and safety. Alan and his colleagues have years of experience and knowledge on the correct way to police all situations and for them to see the way Police are demeaned and derided by so many must be harrowing. Every member of the public I know back the Police 100% and are willing the Gvt. mood to change for the benefit of all.

    • retiredandangry

      Thank you Stella, truly obliged

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