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The State of Policing 2018

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Last updated on September 20th, 2023 at 03:23 pm

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Fortuitously there has just been a release of Police Manpower (sorry, I still call it that, no offence intended) and the latest Crime Data for England and Wales.

Much has been made of these latest figures both in the Press and on Social Media.  This Crime has gone up by this percentage and all that sort of stuff.  Very useful, it really is, but if you want to look at more than just the big, bold headlines your head will soon be spinning.

Well, I still have some crayons left, none of the real academics have tried to disable my abacus or nick my pencil box, so I thought I’d try and make sense of the bigger picture and how it affects both Policing and the Populus in 2018.

Firstly, how many Police Officers are there in England and Wales since the disastrous election of 2010?

Not including the British Transport Police (for no particular reason other than they are shown separetely in the stats) it looks like this

It’s all well and good producing a pretty chart I hear you cry, what does that actually LOOK like?  It’s a tad worse after this week’s figures release but basically it looks like all the areas coloured pink having NO Police Officers whatsoever, not a single one.

It doesn’t look very good does it,  but we keep hearing that Crime is Down and Police Reform is working, so how are the much-reduced Police Officers coping with crime and stuff?

My word, it looks to me like a few years after Theresa May’s cuts started to bite, Overall Crime started to increase.

Violent Crime, we’ve heard a lot about that recently, how does that look?

The reason for the bizarre drop in the middle of the graph of that the Home Office keep changing exactly which crimes they want to list, and a lot of the lesser assaults, whilst recorded by the Police, did not feature in the Home Office stats, but now they do again.  And they complain about the Police fudging stats eh?

So, we have had 8 years now of #Austerity and #PoliceReform.  What does that look like? How do the numbers stack up after 8 years?

Apologies if you find the chart above a bit ‘busy’ but basically Police Numbers down, Stop and Search down has resulted in Total Crime and Violent Crime going up.  Where will it all end?  Theresa May and her colleagues must be really proud of themselves. There you have it encapsulated in one chart, the state of (Crime and) Policing in 2018.

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7 thoughts on “The State of Policing 2018”

  1. Yes but they are official figures so they must be correct. Or don’t we believe a word we are told?

  2. Massaged figures to put it politely. It applies to crime, accident figures, every possible type of incident covered by the Police. I do not believe they have ever been even near accurate, since at least 1976.

    1. Indeed, it is difficult to have any degree of confidence in a system where the Counting Rules change regularly, the figures are fudged at any number of stages and the published Home Office crime categories don’t even come close to mirroring Police Classifications. Any number of crimes can be in the wrong box

  3. I worked for a London council when I retired from the Met. We were having a lot of parking meters broken into. I phoned the police to get the crime numbers and was given one crime number. Over 30 offences committed in different locations on different days one crime report. Why do you think that was?

    1. At a rough guess I’d say it was keeping crime levels down. The DCI would have kicked my arse all round the CID office if he’d caught me trying that one. Different dates and locations has to be multiple offences surely?

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