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It’s The Cuts, That’s All

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Last updated on September 21st, 2023 at 08:35 pm

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The Armed Forces are at their lowest strength since before the Second World War.  Successive Strategic Defence Reviews have seen to that.  Only this week we waved goodbye to HMS Illustrious, off to a scrapyard somewhere.  Heaven knows when her replacement will be in situ with some fast jets aboard.  It’s the cuts you know, damned Armed Forces trying to save money, don’t they realise our country is at risk NOW?

Hospitals are closing their Maternity Units, A&E Departments etc etc.  Patients are inconsiderately cluttering up the corridors for hours before taking up a bed somewhere.  Surely they could be a bit more thoughtful. Oh? It’s the cuts you say?  Tight National Health Service trying to save some money while patients die eh?

The Prison Service have gone off piste and have decided to recruit some new Prison Officers.  They got told about the cuts but the prisoners weren’t having any of that so they started a few riots, prisoners and Prison Officers got injured so the soft Prison Service decided to recruit a few more to keep the prisoners happy.

Local Councils across the land have got the message.  They are moving books OUT of libraries to make space for staff and desks and computers etc.  It’s the cuts, stingy councils trying to save themselves some money.  Meals on Wheels? Remember them? Care for the elderly?  Leave them in hospital blocking the beds, that will save us a few thousand.

The Coastguards, they’ve done their bit too.  Shut a few of their coastal stations, outsourced their heliborne rescue service and shed a few coastguards.  That will help.  Who needs safety on our waters, a smaller bill is all we need.

20,000 fewer Police Officers, about 650 fewer Police Stations, savaged Pension Schemes.  The Police are doing their bit.  The only problem there is that crime is going UP. With fewer officers to deal with it, prevent it or solve it that’s a tad problematical, but never mind it will sort itself out, it’s only the cuts after all.  Now, apparently, the Police are somehow responsible for monitoring, or caring for, everyone who is released from Police Custody back into Society.  Where on earth are the resources for that coming from.  Never mind, the cuts will sort it out, they can stop doing something else instead.

As I got to the end of this far-from-exhaustive ‘list’ it occurred to me that there is in fact a Common Denominator.  Her Majesty’s Government.  Now led by Theresa May she has continued with all the old policies of Camoron, and her own as Home Secretary, and it is actually THE GOVERNMENT that are responsible for all these failings.  The BBC and The Mail have been criticising individual organisations for years, but it has now become crystal clear to me, the Government did it. Not the Prison Service, not the NHS, Not the Armed Forces, not the Coastguard Service, not the Police.  It was the government all along.  How did the BBC and The Mail not notice this? Crikey, it seems so simple now.

Maybe if we ask Cruella of the £1000 trousers nicely she’ll put it all back the way it was, except I fear that it’s far too late for that. The damage is done and the damage is deep.

Well done Mrs May. You must be very proud of what you and your party have achieved.

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3 thoughts on “It’s The Cuts, That’s All”

  1. I have a great regard for our Police, despite lapses. (nothing on the scale of Sir Phil Greed!!!)
    However, our beloved leader, she of the £1K Trousers, having forced through The Snoopers Charter, could make many of us “people of Interest” and/or Non Violent Extremists…… just because I read Zerohedge or The Slog.
    It could even mean I become a “Non-accredited Person”… if you Google Accredited Person you will just get anodyne guff…. join the dots to the Emergency Powers Act and amendments? And if anyone really wants to go down the rabbit hole…… Google “Force Reconnaissance Regiment” …. more anodyne and digital chloroform…… bunch of unholy, unprincipled thugs recruited from IRA hitmen, renegade SAS, psycho crims….. et al. Conclusion? Mrs £1K trousers is well under the cosh of The Powers That Be. But the really disturbing stuff is the Degree Divide, as you allude to. Clever cops, fine. Street smart cops, even better. Street-connected cops, with Technology, is ideal. Who needs a degree in Copology if they cannot see what is going down in front of them, or recognise scum faces and associates?

    An even greater danger. The disconnect between The Thin Blue Line and The Public they Serve and who pay wages. Bound up with the Gung Ho Police Force, v. the Public Servant Police Service. Why are coppers not made fully aware of the difference between Common Law and Statute Law? I spoke to a bright young copper recently…. he had never heard of Common Law. This indicates that something is badly awry….. or deliberately suppressed. Common Law always takes precedent. Look it up in Black’s. But it seems that only Inspectors and above get the drill. I wonder why?
    And speaking of Degrees….. local Masonic do-goodery is admirable. Anything that influences promotion is abominable and worthy of loss of pension.

    Any comments?

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