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It has been reproduced from another site with the consent of the author. It raises some very good points, that could really do with some good answers.
In my opinion this government will go down in history as the government that destroyed the greatest police service in the world. I also believe that in the future, historians will ask….’Why?’
In the last days of communist Poland, Solidarity sought to isolate public good will from the police as it was, in truth, an organ of suppression used by that government. Even in the 1920’s in Ireland, the IRA sought to turn the common population against the Royal Irish Constabulary. That force was perceived as being the eyes and ears of Dublin Castle. Collins and the IRA did a very good job. Glasnevin cemetery in Dublin is filled with many RIC and Dublin Metropolitan Police fatalities. Historians today can quite easily see the motivation for such acts. Few remember the names of the dead.
But in the future historians will not be able to put so clear a finger on the reasons why this Conservative Government ended the effectiveness of the British Police. Each and every question they ask will find no sensible answer. Only more questions.
Why, for instance did they reduce the number of police officers on the street by replacing them with PCSOs? Was it to increase the presence of a police (like) uniform to reassure the public? Well if that was the case, why have they now (in most forces) reduced the PCSOs but failed to increase police numbers. By doing what they have done they have merely decreased the overall police presence, the very thing they sought to maintain or increase. But then again, they have done so under the smokescreen of reducing PCSOs. A clever sleight of hand.
Why did the Government bring in a graduate entry scheme to an occupation where experience is all important? Was it to ensure that the day to day control of the police service was put in the hands of those who saw it as little more than a branch of Government? In the same way that Inland Revenue collects taxes for the government, there is now a police management that see their task is to enforce government will. Why, the historians will ask, did the government turn policing away from something that was a public service into one that became an arm of government? Why did it get rid of senior police officers and replace them with senior civil servants in uniform?
Why did the government engineer negative publicity at every opportunity and become directly responsible for endangering individual officer’s safety? Could it have been that as part of their attack on the institute of the British Police their proven method was to create or exaggerate any story that could be whipped into an attack on the boys and girls in blue. Could it be that this government have seen how effective Solidarity was in isolating the police? Could it be that they admire the effectiveness of Michael Collins in turning the population against those sworn to defend them?
Why did the government lie to the people about the true state of the country? How could they have ever got away with such a blatant lie? Well that should not be too difficult a fish to catch for the historian of the future. Quite quickly, having read old copies of the Mail and other government rags, they will realise that the press merely printed lies upon the request of the government and continued to do so. As both the Communists and the Fascists discovered, tell a lie often and loudly enough and it will be believed. The public believe what they read. The papers print want the government want the public to read. This will explain to historians why, despite people being stabbed and shot on a daily basis; despite burglaries and thefts occurring as they always have; despite all of this the average person’s fear of crime is diminished. The only place in the UK where crime is not an issue is on the newspapers that this government control.
Historians may recall Theresa May as a politician who bravely stood against a wall of inflexible, racist, sexist and dishonest police. She weathered a storm where they tried to bring down a member of parliament. She stood proudly beside the Black Police Association and felt their pain. She destroyed a corrupt Federation, the most powerful union in the country. She made police more accountable. She brought down crime. She removed the fear of crime. She brought professionalism back to the ranks of the police service. 
Historians, if we are unlucky, will say all these things. 
Yet you and I, those who have served or those still serving will know how false all these things are. We will know that far from doing a single positive thing for the police service of this country Theresa May destroyed it. She changed it from a thing of pride to a tool of the Conservative government. She turned it into a political animal. She has done so by the black arts of propaganda and media cronyism. She has created a police service that one day will be isolated even further from the people as it becomes identified solely as an arm of the political world. Then maybe some ‘Solidarity’ type figure or organisation will have to do to us what was done to the Polish police in Gdansk and other Polish cities….
That is all.

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  1. Thatcher did the same with the police during the Miners dispute. She made me feel I was a ‘government employee’.
    I still feel that way about the Tories today

  2. see 2013 – 009 Whatever has happened to our police? 2013 – 008 EuroPol, and Eurogendfor (the EU paramilitary police) 2012-018 What is an Authoritarian or ‘Police State’?

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