Historical Sexual Abuse And The Impact On Resources

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I don’t have a lot to add to Historical Sexual Abuse debate, male, female, child or adult I don’t think I can contribute very much.

Except to repeat that the 70s in particular was an era when certain types of Police investigations DID get closed down by ‘the man from The Yard’.

As I have said before the only ones I have personal experience of was ‘Cottaging’ which were effectively shut down by a faceless senior officer “because of who you might catch”, read into that what you will.

What particularly concerns me is this;

I cannot, and do not, condone the activities of Saville, Harris, Clifford  et al, the numerous ‘celebrities’ that have. Been investigated, prosecuted and incarcerated (except Saville of course) for untold numbers of offences many years ago.

Many other similar allegations have been investigated and the outcome was ‘No Case To Answer’.

Now we have 5 Forces investigations against Sir Ted Heath.

There are undoubtedly other investigations also ongoing that involve people we’ve never heard of, Z List celebrities, or just Ordinary Folk like you and me that aren’t worthy of reporting.

In this current era it is almost inconceivable that all of these investigations. Won’t have an effect on one or more of the Forces conducting those investigations.  Most Forces have been ‘trimmed’ by a substantial percentage.  Regardless of what Mrs May says Crime is beginning to rise again. Other demands on Police Resources, many of which are not actually within the Policing Portfolio, are rising due to budgetary cuts on other agencies passing the buck to a Police Service that is Institutionally Incapable of saying NO.

The Home Secretary seems determined to continue with the government’s programme of cuts, every time you write to a Tory MP on any matter concerned with Policing they just defer to the Home Secretary before answering.

This government, as was the last, remains stubbornly opposed to a Royal Commission on Policing, they just seem to think that Increased use of Technology is a universal panacea.

There is every likelihood that eventually one or more Forces will be forced to confront the choice “Do we investigate these historical allegations or do we investigate today’s crimes? We can’t do both”

It is even possible that some Forces are already at that point.

So, as a Devil’s Advocate I ask “which should receive our priorities if we had to choose? Historical Crimes (no matter how serious) or today’s crimes?”

Will there ever come a time when a Force will simply not be able to cope any more, brought down by lengthy, sensitive, cumbersome Historical Sexual Abuse allegations?

Maybe we should do a sort of Countdown system “2 from the current and 3 from the historical please”.

Or maybe the government could simply attempt to reverse their reckless cuts, try to stop the runaway train and begin to rebuild what was the finest Police Service in the world, but one that now lies almost in tatters.

What do you think?

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3 thoughts on “Historical Sexual Abuse And The Impact On Resources”

  1. In my experience and research is that all Freemasons stick together.
    “Thou shall never conceal or reveal another brotherhood crimes”
    So if you are police they will lie for each other as Jimmy SAVILLE had the luxury of and arrogance with the Friday club and the D.I driving his rolls Royce.
    It’s a dual oath and life.
    U tube shows free masons following Jimmy SAVILLES coffin at his funeral.
    That is why all these Charlie cheasters are being protected.
    The writing is on the wall.
    Another tactic, wait till their dead and then expose them!!!!!!!
    How many old bill in Jimmys lodge.

  2. I think you talk a load of sense, albeit trying to talk to May and this Government is likened to talking to a brick wall, but if we keep chipping, maybe the wall will eventually crumble and fall (one can only hope!)

    1. Thank you Max, I realise I’m pissing into the wind, but I just don’t see why things should go unchallenged, even if that challenge is always roomed to fail.

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