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A Clear Illustration Of How Crime In London Is Falling (Rising)

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Last updated on October 20th, 2023 at 07:50 pm

Last updated on October 20th, 2023 at 07:50 pm

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Much has been made in recent months of Acid Attacks, Moped Crime, and How Crime In London Is Falling. The media have (rightly in my opinion) made much of it, but nobody seemed to be putting any numbers to the problems. Never one to shirk away from numbers I did some digging.

Acid Attacks

Acid attacks across London are on the increase, from 259 in 2011 to 431 in 2016 with the London Borough of Newham consistently top of the League Table.

For the 2017 Calendar Year there were 149 offences recorded up to 31st May.

Moped Enabled Crime

It’s fair to say that there has been an absolute explosion of ‘Moped Crime’ across London. In 2011 there were a ‘mere’ 365 offences recorded in the Calendar Year, rising dramatically to more than 17,600 in the first 9 months of 2017.

The London Borough of Newham has had a reprieve but the new ‘Super Borough’ of Camden and Islington has taken a right hammering this year.

Two questions immediately come to mind.

  1. How has this crime flourished so dramatically this year without the Home Office getting involved and insisting that something is done, with extra funding being being made available to tackle this extraordinary rise in crime?
  2. Why is it that whenever the Metropolitan Police use clearly defined, and approved, tactics to try and deal with the problem they are lambasted by Press, Armchair Experts and even the occasional politician? Talk about a No Win Situation.

In the background we have the omni-present Tory Mantra so beloved of Theresa May, Amber Rudd and Damian Wassisname telling us that Crime Is Down.

Well, is it?

Don’t just take the word of a dinosaur, the figures above have been extracted from the Met’s Crime Recording system, CRIS. I haven’t even retyped them. Official figures.

And this monstrous explosion of certain crimes has all taken place under the guardianship of the Conservative Party.

They have no right to call themselves the Party of Law and Order. They are a disgrace, spouting out that same old cracked record trying to assure us that all is well.

Is it?

If any other Party had presided over a ‘decrease’ in crime from 365 to (probably) almost 20,000 annually the Tories would be baying for blood.

Surely it is time for the gloves to come off the Metropolitan Police Service and witness the rebirth of the Metropolitan Police Force? The Met is full of lads and lasses perfectly willing to tackle this explosion, but their morale has been shattered by the Cuts, threatened job losses, and fear that the IPCC will be on their backs if poor Johnny were to fall off his moped.

What say you?

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4 Replies to “A Clear Illustration Of How Crime In London Is Falling (Rising)”

  1. Rufus

    The rise…sorry decline…in crime is not the only pressures heaped on officers. The amount of mental health related jobs is astronomical now and in my opinion is related to the continuing decline of living standards, lack of employment and cuts to mental health services. It would be interesting to know what the figures were. Mind you Theresa May thinks the police should only deal with crime. Not sure that would be a valid excuse for not helping someone if the IPCC wanted to do your legs.

  2. Nosstradamus

    Masterly article, bravo.

    Johnny? OK, some Caribs, but Somali and Muslim could be the leading perps. Makes it a no-go area for The Thin Blue Line, because of political flak!
    Regions vary, here in W. Mids the Lithuanian gangs strip the empty factories and offices. One in 5 cars in WM have no tax or insurance. Reality is…. Plod is alerted to an offending vehicle……. takes action, stops vehicle….. blue light alerts offending driver to send Group Text to mates, with GPS ….. Plod starts roadside procedure with perp, suddenly, 20 cars arrive with perp mates aboard. Plod overwhelmed, withdraws, perp goes free, and mates. The Israeli electronic geniuses have kit to ensure the perp cannot Send Text and immobilises their vehicle. All comms from the perp phone and Group then automatically monitored. By the way, the Plod car can auto-spray the surrounding cars and any ambulant Group occupants with magic dust, ok, weather can interfere but it only needs one spec to convict. My point? Plod has access to Tech that can deter. Pass this to your serving pals, with my utmost concern for The Thin Blue Line?

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