Stating The Bleeding Obvious

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Its what I do, I’m good at that.  Now it seems that it’s catching on and others have jumped on my bandwagon.

Not long ago I wrote a post pointing out the Bleeding Obvious that our beloved government don’t give a stuffed fig about Public Safety.

Now the situation has hot worse and impending cuts of between 22,000. and 40,000 have provoked certain members of the Press and some senior Police Officers to wake up to the impact that will have on Public Safety.  A tad late but a welcome addition to the debate nevertheless.

Cuts of 22,000 would take the strength of Policing in England and Wales down to approx 100,000, the lowest for 40 years.

A cut of 40,000 would take the strength down to the 80,000 that I pointed out some time ago seems to be a target figure for the a Home Office.  In that case, these cuts would have NOTHING to do with Austerity, Efficiency Savings etc but EVERYTHING to do with Camoron’s Reforms Package.

2-3 months ago, no less an authority than the National Audit Office announced that the Home Office didn’t understand what they are doing;

The Home Office is making deep cuts to the police service without understanding their effects, the Government’s spending watchdog has said.

In a critical report the National Audit Office argued that ministers did not have enough information to understand the effects of their own policies.

And only on Tuesday the head of a local charity told me, quite unequivocally, that certain MPs told lies to the Public.  Policing was not the subject of the conversation but I find it quite unforgivable for any MP of ANY party to tell lies to the Public.  That is not what they are elected for.  They are there to serve and run the country in a good and efficient manner, not mislead the electorate with a cynical, calculated web of lies.


Rant over, time to get back to my Coco-Pops.

Before I go, I will again invite all Chief Constables, all Police and Crime Commissioners and all Federation Offices to join together to robustly oppose these savage, ludicrous cuts, but even as I type I know that will not happen because some PCCs have more allegiance to their political party than they do the Public that elected them.

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