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Problems Recruiting BME Officers into The Police …Why?

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Getting fed up with being bashed with the racist stick I thought I’d compose an email. This is a copy that I sent yesterday, to T May. Not holding out much hope for a response!

Rt. Honourable Mrs Theresa May, 

I am a retired Metropolitan Police officer with an unblemished 31 1/2 year career, during which, I was commended a number of times and was awarded a Royal Humane Society Award.

I am not a racist, I never have been and I never will be! However in 1999, Sir William MacPherson, who had no right to do so, picked a phrase out of the air and branded me and the rest of the Metropolitan Police, as racist. Something that I, and my police colleagues have had to live with from that moment on. As a result, the phrase “institutionally racist” is frequently used in the media whenever an issue of race in the police, arises and we are all therefore perceived, by the public to be racist!

Stop and search has been branded disproportionate in relation to the numbers of black people who are stopped and searched, despite the fact that where it has been used, it is where there is a reason for doing so. So if young black youths are committing more street crime in an area, it’s natural that they may be more likely to be stopped. This is not racism this is targeting crime.

If there is violence between black gangs in an area and it is a major problem, there is a likelihood of a disproportionate level of stop and search on black youths. This is not racism, this is to prevent young black youths carrying knives and killing each other. However the media will peddle sensationalist reporting with the implication that police officers are racist or still institutionally racist through the disproportionality.

We now have some figures suggesting that the tasering of black people is disproportionate, again with the implication that the police are racist.

Mrs May, as our Home Secretary, you have defended none of this but have spouted bad press about the police to the media at every opportunity and not only on matters surrounding race. I am struggling to find any support or praise, for what was once the finest police force in the world.

Now our police forces are criticised nationally, by you, as having a disproportionate amount and of failing to recruit, BME officers. Please tell me why on earth, in light of my previous remarks, people from different ethnic backgrounds, would think for one moment, that policing would be a career for them? Why would they want to join such a racist organisation? Mrs May, you reap what you sow!

You, the media, the politicians and the country in general, who vote you, the MPs into office, will get the police force that you all deserve. If you beat a dog for long enough it will either bite you or it will roll over and die and as the police in this country have no teeth with which to bite, it will roll over and die!

Your legacy, Mrs May will be, that through your arrogance and dislike of the police, you will have single handedly, well, with a little help from Mr Windsor and the media, destroyed what was the best police force in the world and the only way that you will increase the number of BME officers will be through conscription.

I have voted Conservative all my life but I can assure you that you have lost my vote in any future elections as well as the vote of thousands of other retired and serving officers.

Ian Giles

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  1. steve bennett

    Here’s her e mail address. The Home office one will undoubtedly get lost in the bureaucratic monster.

    Kind regards

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