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Metropolitan Police – A Force In Crisis?

Last updated on June 6th, 2023 at 07:23 pm

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As a former Met officer I never in my wildest dreams thought I would see the day when the Met was anything less than the finest Force in the world.  However the last week has made me question that.

We have long had the unresolved problems within DPS which I and others have commented on before.

Boris and his tame Apocalyptic Horseman have sold off the family silver in order to offset the worst excesses of Cruella’s Cuts.  That can’t do much for the confidence and morale of the Met as a whole.

Last week we had the BBC reporting that Bernie Hogan-Who was admitting that claims that the Met is still Institutionally Racist have some merit.  That one is always good for the confidence and self-esteem too.

Next we hear that the Met is participating in a warts and all, fly on the wall, TV documentary.  They always go well, and we have already had a ‘leak’ that Bernie fluffed his lines and got the caution wrong when cautioning his prisoner (no comment).

This self, same documentary also informs us apparently that Bernie thinks that British Society is Institutionally Racist now.

Following on closely is news that the majority of the Met have No Confidence in the Senior Management.  Neither do they think that they are serving the Public as well as they might, but that could easily be down to May’s Mayhem.


I can quite see why the troops wouldn’t have much confidence in Bernie and his gang.

Saturday the Times carried an article stating that Bernie wanted to pay off the older white officers, and offer them some kind of incentive to retire. Apparently this is another mind-boggling brainwave that has its origins in this documentary.

Finally, I heard from Delbert who works in the New Scotland Yard restaurant (yes, canteen) that nearly 300 support staff have been put on notice that their jobs are ‘At Risk’ and that less than 50% of them will ultimately keep their existing jobs, the remainder hoping to pick up some other vacancy in the raffle.

So, I ask you, is the Met in crisis?

It sure seems like it to me.

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1 thought on “Metropolitan Police – A Force In Crisis?”

  1. Eastlondonmetofficer!

    I was told I was blaise and negative when I realised I was going to lose the midldle of three rest days between two sets of 7 day stints! The SLT’s answer summed it all up for me… Who else can we use! I replied there is no one and that’s the problem! Typical SLT did not rebuke me went to my Guv’nor who did it ! Staff are seen as a resource to exploit for promotion now after 14 years in can’t think of a worse time even for staff!

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