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Just Who Runs The BBC? Pravda?

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I have devoted much thought over the last few months to the BBC, and, for the few remaining brain cells I have left, it is thought that I could do without wasting.  I have long thought that the BBC is not reporting news that the government might not want us to know about.

The most recent example of this was Mark McGowan’s noble quest to push a toy pig to Westminster to highlight the selling off of our beloved NHS.  How much of the #WheresDaddysPig campaign did you hear about on the BBC? Did you hear anything about it at all?

I don’t necessarily subscribe to the subsequent Conspiracy Theory regarding F***Book and their alleged censoring of @Scriptonite’s blog, but I would certainly have expected something as wacky as this, for a cause so important, to have been reported on.  We had regular updates on the man in the diver’s suit running (walking) the London Marathon for charity a few years back, so why not #WheresDaddysPig?

So what else have the BBC NOT reported on recently?

In September last year, I told you that the BBC had not seemingly reported that our Lords are benefiting to the tune of millions, if not billions, by privatisation of the NHS, but no-one seems to notice. When 6,000 nurses got the sack, and Lord Ashcroft’s business replaced them with temps (earning him untold fortunes), no-one seemed to notice.  Interestingly, like the Police reforms, the BBC chooses not to report these things

In all things Plebgate the BBC appears to be on the side of nice Mr Mitchell. I’m not going into whether or not he said ‘Pleb’ or the supposed orchestrated campaign to bring him down. Enquiries are still ongoing and no doubt the truth will out eventually.  However, the BBC has chosen to report the issue with a scathing attack on the Federation which includes the line “Mr Mitchell has always denied swearing at police officers and using the word “pleb”, although he did apologise for the words he did use and not treating the police with respect.”  Other journalists see it differently;

The Sunday Telegraph understands that the Chief Whip’s own version of events is that after asking officers to open the main gates to Downing Street for his bicycle, and being refused, he said: “You guys are supposed to f***ing help us.”  So is using the F word not swearing any more? Slanted journalism or what?

An article in The Grauniad in March this year reports that the Justice Secretary, Chris Grayling, has issued instructions that probation officers face the risk of disciplinary action if they publicly criticise on Twitter or other social media his plans to outsource 70% of their work with offenders.  I can’t find any reference to this in the BBC News section. Why would that be?

It has been reported in the free press that certain ex Scotland Yard senior officers have received large cash payouts in return for signing Gagging Orders preventing them from speaking out about their treatment etc.  Neither the Met nor the Mayor’s Office, MOPAC, will answer my FOI request to establish whether this is true or not, so I am left to make my own decision.  Was the BBC amongst the agencies that reported these alleged Gagging Orders? No. Why not? Is it not newsworthy, even in London?

There is a Tweeter some of you may know, @J_amesP, who is currently being investigated by the Met DPS for his Tweetings and writing of a book, the proceeds of which were donated to charity. The plight of this young officer and the possible consequences of this investigation have been reported in the press at various times and publications.  Reported by the BBC? Not that I can find unless you know differently.

These are but a few examples, I’m sure you, dear reader, can provide many more.

The real, more serious, question must be “Why are the BBC NOT reporting the News?” Simple, End of.

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2 thoughts on “Just Who Runs The BBC? Pravda?”

  1. Quite simply because the govt have been telling them what to (and not to) report. It wouldn’t do to have the BBC (or any other part of the media) report, accurately, what this govt is doing to this country. Simples.

  2. Quite simply because the govt have been telling them what to (and not to) report. It wouldn’t do to have the BBC (or any other part of the media) report, accurately, what this govt is doing to this country. Simples.

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