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Daily Fail – You Can Do One

Reading Time: < 1 minute I’ll keep this short and angry. Headlines (front page attention grabbers) do nobody any good. They are not helpful in the slightest. Her Majesty’s Coroner quite clearly did not apportion blame. Under the current administration we have seen cuts to Police, Security Service and the National Health Service. Ultimately the responsibility for what happened that […]

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Reading Time: 3 minutes Context is everything. It can completely change one’s understanding of an event or comment. Many things have been said over the past few days about the (in)actions of Acting Commissioner Sir Craig Mackey during and after the terrible events on Westminster Bridge and the Palace of Westminster. Many commentators have called him “Coward”, indeed, initially,

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MackeyGate Rumbles On

Reading Time: 2 minutes Just a quick one today, but I’m still Apoplectic, Incandescent and any other crap descriptions I can think of, MackeyGate Scotland Yard have now issued a statement on the (in)actions of ‘Sir’ Craig Mackey, Acting Commissionaire. It reads:- “Neither he [Mackey] nor the two civilian members of police staff he was in the car with

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Smoke And Mirrors Par Excellence

Reading Time: 5 minutes Ladies and gentlemen you have been treated to a display of Smoke and Mirrors the likes of which is seldom seen in civilised society. The Aurora Borealis  is a poor second cousin, it is an illusion that David Copperfield or Penn and Teller would be immensely proud of, and rightly so. We have lived through

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Enough Is Enough

Reading Time: 2 minutes Since 2010 we have lost approx 20,000 Police Officers from our streets. Enough Is Enough The point has  been (fairly) made that those numbers would not have prevented recent terrorist attacks.  This is true.  BUT those numbers give us hugely increased resilience and flexibility to deal with intelligence gathering, monitoring of suspects and dealing with

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Thought For The Day

Reading Time: 3 minutes First and foremost my thoughts are with the victims  of yesterday’s terrible incident at Leytonstone, I hope they can all make a full recovery, and quickly. Before that however, I had already had a conversation on Twitter following on from this tweet of mine; https://twitter.com/alanw47/status/673072086903095296 My point was, and still is, that we should take

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keyboard warrior Beware The Guardians of Social Media

I Feel So Much Safer Now

Reading Time: < 1 minute NOT I have just read Peter Kirkham’s most excellent post, and rather than paraphrase or précis it, I recommend that you read it here. All I can say in response is that the government have not made me feel any safer at all.  We’re going to keep both of our new Aircraft Carriers. Oh goody.

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Misleading Parliament

Reading Time: 2 minutes I’ve had enough, I’m getting even angrier.  Apart from anything else there seems to be no justice in this country at the moment and we certainly don’t seem to be living in a Democracy at the moment. Two years ago three Police Officers were threatened with being charged with Contempt of Parliament because it was

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