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Misleading Parliament


Last updated on September 20th, 2023 at 08:14 pm

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I’ve had enough, I’m getting even angrier.  Apart from anything else there seems to be no justice in this country at the moment and we certainly don’t seem to be living in a Democracy at the moment.

Two years ago three Police Officers were threatened with being charged with Contempt of Parliament because it was felt that they had lied to a Committee.  I have no idea whether they lied or not, the important part for me today is what they were threatened with.

As ordinary citizens we have to listen to our politicians misleading Parliament EVERY SINGLE DAY, yet there is no retribution whatsoever.  When they do it nobody within Parliament, any Party, takes any notice whatsoever. It’s just accepted as the Norm, part of The Game.

Well, it’s not a bloody game when people’s lives are at risk.  Public Safety should be right up there with the principal objectives of government, but it clearly isn’t.

I am absolutely sick to the back teeth with Tory MPs of assorted levels spouting the tired old mantra “Reform is working”.  Reform is defined in the dictionary thus

make changes in (something, especially an institution or practice) in order to improve it.

We are not witnessing Reform, we are witnessing wholesale destruction of the Police Service in a manner, and at a pace, never before witnessed in this country.  YOU CANNOT MAKE SOMETHING BETTER by slashing the resources that you pour into it and simply sit back and say “Deal with it”. That in no way fits the definition of Reform.

The Prime Minister, Home Secretary and someone called Penning keep telling us, and Parliament, that “Crime is Down”.  It is NOT.

I will go so far Dave, Theresa, to accuse you both of LYING to us the Public and your contemporaries in Parliament.  I challenge you both you demonstrate to us a) how the Police Service is being ‘Reformed’ and not destroyed and b) that these ‘Reforms’ are working.  How has the Police Service been ‘Improved’?

If you repeatedly make these false claims in your official speeches and addresses in Parliament, then surely you are Misleading Parliament and presumably vulnerable to a charge of Contempt of Parliament as were our three Police Officers?  Oh no, of course, silly me.  You can hide behind Parliamentary Privilege.  You can spout whatever spin and alternative version of the truth that you want to with complete immunity.

As forDemocracy, I don’t believe that we are currently seeing policies from our Tory party that in any way reflect what the majority of the electorate wish for.  Do the public that elect you want the Police Service to be cut beyond recognition? In this age of heightened Terrorist Threat, do  the public that elect you want FEWER armed officers on our streets, fewer Border Force officers, indeed many fewer Police Officers generally?

I am now hearing about a potential threat of chemical or biological attack, maybe in France, maybe elsewhere.  Our government think that we can best proceed by cutting the number of officers on our streets and, by extension, our ability to prevent or react to any such attack.

In the long term I think it would be infinitely better for the government to admit they got it wrong and urgently set about putting things right again.  I don’t suppose for one second that Camoron gives a tuppenny toss what I think but I for one will never forgive him, or any of his government, if anything happens on UK mainland that could have been made less serious without their ‘Reforms’.

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10 thoughts on “Misleading Parliament”

  1. I’m not sure Parliamentary Privilege was ever intended to allow blatant dishonesty and deliberately misleading statements. It is ripe when they are critical of others such as the Police and talk about public confidence, when most people have such little confidence in them. They got elected because the public had even less confidence in the other lot. That does not give them a clear mandate to implement such cuts or mean the public has total confidence in them.

  2. In this country do we have anything similar to the USA regarding impeachment or is that why we have Parliamentary privilege, because the barstewards have lied forever so had to come up with plan hence the 1770 Act.

    1. I’m unaware of impeachment in the UK, not sure how you get rid of a sitting MP before the next election, and before that they take full advantage of Parliamentary Privilege

  3. It appears that the government has forgotten the ECHR ruling in R v Osman
    Basically they have a positive duty of care to protect each and every one of us.

  4. Well said, totally agree. Only yesterday Cameron was spouting on PMQ that there were an extra 3600 extra officers, but the total number of officers is still decreasing year on year. How the heck will officers cope if there is a terrorist attack?

    1. I have no idea Maz. I’m sure I’m not alone in only wanting the truth, but Camoron and co cannot pretend this is Reform. Stop pretending it is.

    2. He was quite sly with his answers yesterday he said we have an extra 3800 extra neighbourhood Policing Officers and in the Capital we have had a 500% increase in neighbourhood Policing. He does not say extra Police Officers. Sadly they will lie and lie and appear to get away with it. Good on Corbyn for persisting with his questioning. And do not get me started on Jeremy Hunt.

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