I Feel So Much Safer Now

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I have just read Peter Kirkham’s most excellent post, and rather than paraphrase or précis it, I recommend that you read it here.

All I can say in response is that the government have not made me feel any safer at all.  We’re going to keep both of our new Aircraft Carriers. Oh goody.  The Typhoons are staying with us for another 25 years. Great.  We’re getting a shed load of Stealth Fighters, fantastic.

The government has pledged BILLIONS of ££££ for these things, and that is good.

What bothers me is that the current threat is from Terrorists and it is NOW, not in 10 years or so when the increased funding for the military etc will begin to reap its benefits.

If we are unfortunate enough to have a Paris style attack in London in the next few months, who will face it?

Will a Trident submarine surface in the Pool of London and flatten the terrorists?  A squadron of Typhoons fly over the capital and demonstrate their skills at Air Strikes?   No.

It will be the Police who are the first resort. POSSIBLY supported by the Army, but with the best will in the world that can’t be guaranteed.

I remain to see what  Gorgeous George says tomorrow, but it’s highly likely that the very group of people who would be in the Front Line of any reply to an ISIS attack will be the biggest losers in tomorrow’s speech.

If that turns out to be true, and if we do indeed suffer an ISIS attack here, hundreds of thousands of people will never forgive, never forget and will hold the whole of Camoron’s Cabinet petsonally responsible.

If you choose to ignore the advice from professionals you do so at your own risk.

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6 thoughts on “I Feel So Much Safer Now”

  1. The Tories plan to be in power for a generation. Yesterday was all about Osborne the ‘prime minister’ in waiting.
    With no credible opposition, G*d help us all.

    1. The ONLY good slant I can put on that is that it might stop Cruella getting the top job, fractionally worse IMHO, but not a huge amount in it

  2. So Osbourne backed away from cutting the police budgets. The cynic in me would say that perhaps his Govt are privvy to some precise intelligence that if it comes about in the near future would have left them cornered having to explain in the light of events why they made cuts to police budgets. I don’t trust them one bit, not one bit.

    1. I don’t think you’re alone in not trusting them, they are politicians after all. Whatever their reasons they will have been made for selfish reasons, not for the greater good, that’s just a byproduct

  3. I worked with Pete Kirkham at Barnes and as I would expect from him, he makes sound and reasoned points and none of us would disagree with what he says. He is voicing the concerns of all Police Officers and many others who know these cuts are not sustainable. All be it he says it more eloquently than I.
    I don’t think this government is listening!
    I would be surprised if they made any concessions to Policing.
    It would seem that the only way this government will learn is at the expense of Police and Public. It will take a tragedy to make any difference to their mindset.
    It is far cheaper to “say” they will recruit 1,900 “spys” (I’m sure many will be low payed civil servants rather than spys, intelligence officers or analysts) which all makes a good sound bite but doesn’t stand up to scrutiny, rather than actually keep the Police Service maintained at a strengh that allows them to be effective.
    One thing we can be certain of is when it all goes horribly wrong, we will not see Cameron or May or any other Minister apologising and explaining that they got it wrong.
    They will be standing centre stage and blaming the Police for getting it wrong!
    Perhaps I’m being a little cynical!

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