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MackeyGate Rumbles On

Last updated on September 20th, 2023 at 02:47 pm

Last updated on September 20th, 2023 at 02:47 pm

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Just a quick one today, but I’m still Apoplectic, Incandescent and any other crap descriptions I can think of, MackeyGate

Scotland Yard have now issued a statement on the (in)actions of ‘Sir’ Craig Mackey, Acting Commissionaire.

It reads:-

“Neither he [Mackey] nor the two civilian members of police staff he was in the car with during the time of the attack had any protective equipment with them … His initial reaction as a police officer was to get out of the vehicle. However, an operational decision was made with a police officer at the scene that the then acting commissioner should not get out and that he and the two police staff should leave New Palace Yard immediately.

“It was evident that there were officers already present with the necessary skills to neutralise the threat and to administer advanced first aid. At this stage, the full extent of the threat was still unknown.

“Mr Mackey then returned immediately to New Scotland Yard, where he carried out his responsibilities as acting commissioner; namely to lead and coordinate the strategic response across the Metropolitan police to protect London during what was an ongoing terrorist incident.”

My initial reactions to this statement are

When was any Commissioner ever needed to run any operation personally?  I don’t care what it was (and it was serious obviously) the Commissioner was not needed in person, although it would have been helpful if he had his official-issue mobile phone with him.

Swear Alert

Why the fuck could he not remain on scene and as a warm, loving human being (OK I made that bit up) have comforted a dying officer?  He was THERE For Fucks Sake.  One of his officers had just been savagely attacked and was dead or dying, with a Tory MP of all people trying to save his life.  Did Mackey go out without his First Aid Certificate and humanity as well?

For those of you who have not seen it and have suggested that maybe the Press reports were biased or exaggerated, here is a link to the official transcript of Mackey’s evidence to the Inquest.  It seems to me that Media Reports were not biased or exaggerated and, in fact, could have been worse.

I really need to take a couple of Aspirin and study the transcript armed with my trusty quill and papyrus, but I’m not quite sure how well his recollections fit with the accepted timeline of events, but then I am pretty angry at the moment so my judgement might be clouded.


Off to lie down in a darkened room now.



It has been brought to my notice that many posts and comments regarding Mackey have ‘disappeared’ from Farcebook overnight, so if you have posted or commented you may wish to check it’s still there


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8 Replies to “MackeyGate Rumbles On”

  1. Val

    He is not worthy to wear the uniform. He is a coward, he knows it, everyone knows it. “First instinct” was to get out of the car? If that was true he would have been out of the car before he had time to think. His first instinct was to look after himself. On a slightly different note, as he was Acting Commissioner at the time, in, presumably, an official car, why didn’t the vehicle have a radio? No communication? Is he asking us to believe that neither he nor the 3 other people in that car had a mobile phone?

  2. graham parish

    The man is not worthy of the rank of constable amongst all the other offences he committed both morally and legal he has brought the police into disrepute and endorsed the publics view of Police incompetency .

  3. Deanoman

    The living epitome of the state of The Police Service today. With ‘leader’s like him is it any wonder The Cops are a national laughing stock !!

  4. Denise Bowles

    I am appalled by this so called high ranking police officer, he wants stripping of his knighthood, dismissing from the Metropolitan Police without Pension, he neglected his duty as a Constable, and failed to assist one of his own officers, when he needed help. Disgusted beyond words!!!!

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