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An Open Letter To Nigel Evans MP

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Dear Mr Evans,

I was sorry to see that you had been pelted with an egg, and subjected to abuse at the recent Conservative Party Conference in Manchester and I have noted your comments since.

May I ask you please;

Was it a Police Officer that threw the egg at you?

Were the Police Officers present at the Conference shouting abuse at yourself and other delegates?

If either of these scenarios is true then please feel free to make a complaint against the officer(s) concerned.

As for allegations of ‘Race Crime’ I cannot accept that unless you and your party really do consider yourselves to be a ‘Race apart’.

Consider this;

Maybe the people who were there throwing eggs and shouting abuse were, in reality, members of the Public, fed up with the Tories slashing and destroying all of the British Public Sector, and maybe they were showing their disapproval?

What do you think? Could that be a possibility?

While you’re thinking about it, because it might take you a while to work it out,  how is any of this the fault of the Police?

Any party that cuts the Police Service to the bone (and beyond) must anticipate that the Public might actually be on the side of Law and Order, and can understand that if you want to cut Police numbers, you simply cannot expect, or demand, the same level of protection that existed previously.

Stop wasting the valuable time of the Police demanding answers to your ridiculous allegations, simply accept that #CutsHaveConsequences and that #AllYouGetForLessIsLess.  It really isn’t difficult to work out.



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2 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Nigel Evans MP”

  1. What an excellent response to the self important little prig. I was swearing at my TV when I saw him making this intervention. As the Fed Rep says “Get over yourself man”

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