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We’re Not Gonna Take It

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A rare treat for you, a musical blog.

David Camoron, we’ve had enough, WE’RE not gonna take it any more, and if you don’t do something about it you may find the results at the ballot box next May.

I know you’ve been busy, I saw you on my telly box at Stonhenge the other day. Have you become a Druid? When you’re not busy being busy I invite you to take a look around you;

On Tuesday we had the announcement that PCSOs and Police Staff ACROSS THE COUNTRY had voted to take strike action.

In the not too distant past we have had lawyers on strike bringing chaos to the Courts, do you remember that?

Teachers have been striking.

Local Councils have been striking.

Fire Brigades across the country have been striking, and indeed (I believe) some of them have lost their jobs over it.

Health Service workers have been striking.

Probation Officers have been striking.

Prison Officers have been threatening strike action.

Public sector workers from courts, museums, driving test centres, Job Centres, airports and other facilities have all been striking.

Do you want to know why all these, normally loyal and law-abiding people have been striking? Well, I’ll tell you anyway.  It’s all to do with your Pay Restrictions, messing with people’s pensions and your dangerous privatisation plans.

If you add up all of those people either striking, threatening or contemplating strike action it would come to a very big number indeed.  What on earth would you do if they all chose to strike on the same day? Once you’d summoned COBRA or RATTLESNAKE or whatever it’s called you’d panic because you would then be told that there weren’t enough Police Officers left to deal with the problem.  Plan B, call in the Army. Ooips, can’t do that either, same reason, got rid of too many already.  Maybe the French could let you have some CRS Troops on Mutual Aid, after all, the Mayor of Calais is asking for British Police to go and sort out the carnage with illegal immigrants there.  Oh how I laughed at that one.

Police and Armed Forces aren’t allowed to go on strike, so you’re reasonably safe there. Although I am informed that we are the only country in the EU that does not give our Police Officers Employment Rights.

Maybe you could explain to us exactly why it is that you politicians are reluctantly accepting your generous pay and pension awards?  If the problem is that the law doesn’t a;;ow you to decline them, then maybe you’ve got enough time left in the government to change the law, to make it lawful. After all, you managed to do that with so many public sector pensions, why not your own? #JustAsking.

While you’re at it, in the week that another 5 years of Austerity has been announced, more cuts, 5 more years of no, or inconsequential, pay rises, how is that we have money to spare to drive a road tunnel underneath Stonehenge? Could that money not have been better spent elsewhere? #JustAsking

Does none of this bother you? Are you even aware of the carnage you’re causing? Silly question, you must be.

In 2010 we were fooled, many of us voted Tory but got lumbered with a toxic coalition that nobody had voted for.  Many of us will not make that mistake again, we won’t be fooled by your insincere rhetoric.  Maybe you don’t get it, but many of us have seen through what you’re doing. We may be small in number but your own actions and those of your ridiculous collection of ministers is doing our work for us. You are spreading the word yourselves. More and more people are realising what you’re doing.

WE Won’t Get Fooled Again


RIP Keef & The Ox

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5 thoughts on “We’re Not Gonna Take It”

  1. I was commenting on the expression you used “many of us voted Tory” and pointing out that, if you were a supporter of UK Policing, as many of the people who follow your blog are; and you voted Conservative in the last election, you were voting for the current police reforms. This was not a reflection of your personal voting preference.

    The Conservative Party are ideologically committed to shrinking the public services and David Cameron made it very clear that he was going to “reform” police pay and pensions. What was suprising was that many police officers did not notice this and that the Police Federation in particular were woefully unprepared for it and failed to have a clear strategy to address when the Coalition came to power.

    Finally I wasn’t offering sympathy – when I said I was sorry it was in the context of using the expression “more fool you” which I did not want to come across as an insult to you because that would have been wrong. I believe that we can express different opinions without resorting to personal invective.

    1. Absolutely, and as I said previously, there’s a whole world of difference between Reform and Destruction. I don’t know many Police Officers who would have voted Tory if they had seen the wholesale destruction that was about to come over the horizon. No problem whatsoever with different opinions, healthy debate is good.

  2. This is a very confusing blog…if you are saying that “many of us voted Tory” means that you voted Tory in the last election (2010) then I’m sorry Alan but more fool you.

    Even before the financial crisis David Cameron was saying that the Police Service need to be reformed and this included changes to officers terms of service, reforming the existing pay and rewards structure and changing the calculations to police pensions.

    I’m not going to defend politicians but in this case the Conservatives didn’t “fool” you – they did exactly what they said they were going to do.

    Anyone who voted Conservative in the last election was voting for the current Police reforms.

    1. I’m not sure that what my politics might have been in 2010 is either relevant, or up for public discussion. The fact that David Cameron may or may not have had an agenda to reform the police service is also irrelevant. Many people would agree that that there are certain parts of policing that would benefit from reform, I have no sympathy for archaic systems that are no longer fit for purpose. There is, however, a whole world of difference between Reform and Destruction. What Camoron and May have embarked upon goes way further than Reform, and doesn’t stop at the Police Service either. I don’t recall him making an election promise AT ANY TIME to decimate the NHS and Armed Forces. Finally, I wasn’t seeking your sympathy, I will vote for whoever I choose to vote for, but if that person or party can’t stick to the manifesto then they suffer the backlash surely? Nobody is compelled to vote the same way for their entire adult lives.

  3. Total recall. We want Total recall. And we don’t want to wait until May particularly. (especially as she’ll try to block it – like the rest..)

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