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The Failings Of Theresa May MP (Continued)


Last updated on May 8th, 2023 at 11:41 am

Last updated on May 8th, 2023 at 11:41 am

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Following on from Theresa May’s announcement of her intention to stand as Leader of the Conservative Party, and by default, Prime Minister I felt it appropriate to repost this addendum to The Failings Of Theresa May MP.

Last year (2014) , you may remember, I highlighted just a few of Theresa May’s failings.  I thought it was about time I revisited the subject and brought it up to date a little.

Where to begin?  She’s just carried on in similar vein, bumbling from failure to glorious failure.

How about the 2015 Police Federation Annual Conference.  Her biggest failure was one of diplomacy with the “Come with me, work with me on this OR ELSE” tone of her speech.  Then we get to the little pearls, the nuggets embedded in her speech that she has failed to deliver on;

“when you look at the reforms I have put in place, what they amount to is a programme to make policing fairer, more efficient, and more effective in cutting crime.”.  Really? I’d say she’s failed to do that and has achieved the exact opposite in reality.

“in this country we have the finest policemen and women in the world, and they deserve a Federation that serves them well.”  Really?  She has failed to allow the Federation to serve their members well with her “work with me or I will reform you” approach.  Possibly accounts for the Federation’s apparent lack of action on occasions.

“where you come to me with serious propositions for the good of policing, I will listen to you, just as I have in the past.”  Really?  Theresa May has consistently failed to listen to ANYONE. More on this later.

“The frontline service has been maintained and the proportion of officers in frontline roles has gone up to 91%”. Really?  That is one of the more outrageous failures, the failure to protect the Front Line.

“I know there are those who say there is no more waste to cut. But I simply do not accept that. It is perfectly possible to make savings without affecting the quality of neighbourhood policing”. Another total failure to LISTEN to practitioners or anybody else who might actually know what they’re talking about.

“And as we move into the next five years and reduce spending, we will need to make sure that the frontline service is protected and crime continues to fall.”  Fail. So far she hasn’t managed either.

” So join me and work with me to change policing. The reward will be a better police – for officers and staff and the public you serve – and a country that will be safer and fairer than ever before.”  Not many officers believe that she has produced a better Police, and nobody believes that the country is a safer place.

“What I offer is a positive vision for policing, one in which it is an exciting time to be a police officer, where you have the freedom to get on with your job, where you are rewarded for your skills and hard work, and where policing is fit for the future.” Total FAIL.  I can’t see where she has delivered any of that, the exact opposite possibly.

So what else has she failed on?  She has failed to stop that ridiculous mantra, Crime Is Down, Reform Is Working.  Even in her own white-collar constituency of Maidenhead crime is UP, how has she failed to notice? I have yet to see any positive evidence that Reform Is Working. Have I missed it?

Her glorious failure to get the CSA enquiry under way would have been laughable if it wasn’t tragic.  She should be more than embarrassed, that was UNFORGIVEABLE at best, cynical at worst.

According to that austere body the National Audit Office she has failed to understand her own cuts and failed to ensure that the government understand them.

“The Home Office is making deep cuts to the police service without understanding their effects, the Government’s spending watchdog has said.

In a critical report the National Audit Office argued that ministers did not have enough information to understand the effects of their own policies.”

Quite a serious failing I would have thought.

Just about every time Theresa May turns her attentions to the thorny subject of Immigration she seems to fail.  The Think-Tank Civitas had this to say about her latest proposals on ‘free movement within the EU;

“How would the already-stretched border force sift a) EU newcomers with solid job offers from b) EU newcomers on holiday and c) EU newcomers saying they were going on holiday but potentially looking for work? There is no clear line between b) and c) since plenty of young holidaymakers find casual work to prolong their stays or fund excursions. This is a typical British backpacker experience, but impossible to predict for a time-pressed border guard.

May’s proposal would also drive up the proportion of migrants with genuine job offers. The UK economy has developed a strong taste for migrant labour in construction, hospitality, domestic and agricultural work. UK employers now have links to recruiters across Europe, both through formal job agencies and through their current employees’ home contacts. As we saw last year in the case of a sandwich firm advertising jobs in Hungary, if British employers want cheap EU labour, they will get it.

For those not looking for work, whom May accuses of coming just ‘to claim benefits’, the policy is equally limp. As she herself points out, migrants cannot claim benefits until they have been working for 3-6 months and this would be extended to four years if Cameron’s explicit renegotiation goals are achieved.

It is very hard to see the logic behind May’s proposal, and this could be why Downing Street issued a muddled retreat the next day.”

The Home Secretary will no doubt be thrilled to learn that she has earned the dubious distinction of being this year’s worst Islamophobe.  Well, she would be wouldn’t she?  She beat her ex-cabinet Tory Party colleague Michael Gove to the prize, because she has been a driving force behind the introduction of yet more repressive legislation targeting the Muslim community. This includes the new Counter Terrorism and Security Act which obligates professionals such as teachers and doctors to spy on Muslims and allows border officials to seize passports of people (read Muslims) suspected of travelling for ‘terrorist’ purposes.  In a political world that just has to be a #FAIL.

She has a Policing Minister under her wing who, by his own admission, doesn’t know what’s going on:-


He has ‘no idea’ if the proposed cuts are unsustainable?  It’s his job to know and it’s Theresa May’s job to make sure that he knows.  Another failure.

Finally, regardless of who is Home Secretary, never mind which Party, isn’t an important part of the role to “look after the Police”?  Not in a fawning, give them everything they want sort of way, but to make sure that they are kept in good order, efficient and capable of performing their duties for the safety and protection of the public.  Well, she’s certainly failed there.  Surely her biggest and most serious fail of all is lying to the electorate?  We’re not stupid, we know we’ve been lied to.  As a voter I simply want to hear THE TRUTH, whatever that truth may be, then I can make informed assessments.  Politicians who repeatedly lie to their electorate have no place in government

Mid-Term assessment?  C-, Could Do Better, Must Try Harder

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