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The Countdown To 5th May Has Begun

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Just 2 months to go until possibly one of the most important elections in recent years.The elections for Police and Crime Commissioner.  Local Authority and Mayoral elections (where applicable) are being held on the same date and hopefully this will improve the turnout.

Unlike in 2012 , when the last PCC elections were held, Police and Crime Commissioners are no longer an unknown quantity.  There are good, there are bad ones and there are PCCs who are totally unfathomable.  You wil each have your own opinion of your own PCC.

There are some excellent Independent candidates this time around, Mike Pannett in North Yorkshire, Barrie Sheldon in West Mercia, both of whom have a wealth of relevant experience for different reasons.

Kevin Hurley in Surrey is standing for re-election and I guess that the people of Surrey have had plenty of time to decide whether they like his style or not, but he does come with a reputation for telling THE TRUTH.  If that’s what you want then maybe he’s your man.

One thing we definitely do not want is a PCC who is part of one of the mainstream political parties.  Just look at the track record of some of the Tory PCCs, nothing more than Theresa May’s Yes Men.  If that’s what you want then fine, but honestly, party politics has no place in Policing.  It is clearly wrong.  It unduly influences decisions taken by the PCC and is undoubtedly detrimental to impartial Policing.  That is exactly what Policing should be – Impartial, Without Fear Or Favour, with their loyalties being to the people they serve, NOT the Home Office.

The government has already interfered to disadvantage the Independent candidates, some Tory PCCs seeking re-election are beginning to make claims that they really can’t back up.  Don’t be fooled by smoke snd mirrors.

I’m sure there are other excellent Independent candidates, not just the ones I have mentioned above, and if I have forgotten or omitted you then I apologise.  The important thing is that you seriously consider voting Independent, whoever your candidate is. I fervently believe that the safe and continued future of our fine and proud Police Service depends on keeping politics out of Policing.

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2 thoughts on “The Countdown To 5th May Has Begun”

  1. Gordon Williamson

    I agree totally Alan Policing and Politics are not compatible.
    The Police are responsible to the rule of law, driven by loyalty and honesty and service to the public.
    Politicians are responsible to their party their loyalties are divided between their party, themselves and who ever contributes to their party or their career. They are driven by the party whip, spin doctors, their own ambition and often greed. You only have to watch any interview with nearly all politicians to see that honesty and directness are not much in evidence and mostly they avoid answering questions and are evasive.
    Not a good combination law and Politics.
    PCCs should have some relevant qualifications and experience but then I thought that about the office of HMIC, but that became a political appointee with no experience and has reduced that to a farce.

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