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Political Choice

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Last updated on September 20th, 2023 at 12:38 pm

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As it’s Sunday I’ll make it brief

  • Reduced Numbers of Police Officers
  • Reduced Numbers of PCSOs
  • Reduced Numbers of Special Constables
  • Reduced Numbers of Police Staff
  • General Crime Rate UP
  • Knife Crime through the roof
  • Gun Crime increased
  • Murders/Attempts increased
  • Police Response Times increased
  • Fewer Nurses
  • Fewer Doctors
  • Longer NHS Waiting Lists
  • More operations cancelled
  • More ‘bed blocking’
  • Fewer Soldiers
  • Fewer Sailors
  • Fewer Aircrew
  • More chaos surrounding Benefits (Universal Credit)
  • More people in debt
  • More Suicides
  • Fewer Custodial Sentences
  • Fewer Teachers
  • Fewer Social Workers
  • Fewer Probation Officers
  • Increased levels of Student Loan debt.

What do all these things have in common?

Answer:- They were all caused directly, or indirectly, by Political Choices made by our stunning Prime Minister and her psycophantic government, together with her predecessor, David Camoron. Conscious decisions taken with no regard for the consequences. Barely a Risk or Impact Assessment undertaken, certainly NONE for the infamous Winsor Independent Reviews.

Does any right-thinking person actually believe that our country can sustain itself under the onslaught of all of the above? And I haven’t even mentioned Brexit.

There is absolutely no point whatsoever in blaming the Police, the NHS, the Armed Forces, your Local Authority, the Courts, the Prison Service etc. because they can no longer perform at the necessary level or provide a good quality of service.

The Conservatives, particularly Theresa May and David Camoron are at the bottom of ALL of it. Their Political Choices (diktats) are responsible for all of the above and probably more.

The streets have been lost, the Health Service is crumbling in any number of ways, Social Care is rapidly becoming a thing for the rich exclusively, the Armed Forces barely make up a reasonable Defence Force, never mind all the other operations they routinely undertake. Putin must be pissing himself laughing.

Camoron has gone, now Theresa May needs to follow him into obscurity and let us get on with rebuilding the shambles this country has become. It will take years, but we must do it.

If you are a member of a Public Service that I have forgotten please feel free to add the story in the Comments section below. All will be published.

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