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PCC Elections?  Sshhh Maybe Nobody Will Notice

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Last updated on May 8th, 2023 at 11:42 am

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Just in case you hadn’t noticed there are elections next Thursday to elect some Police and Crime Commissioners.  I only say that because you may not have heard.  You have been a victim of this government’s latest scandalous trick.

Firstly Cabinet Office withdrew the funding for the candidates’ mailshot, meaning they would have to fund it themselves or do without, hugely disadvantaging the Independent Candidates.

The government spent, I believe, £9.6 MILLION sending us all a nice booklet about the EU IN/OUT referendum.

Teflon Theresa appeared in a few videos and sent out some emails assuring us that only a Conservative PCC could continue to successfully cut crime, whilst failing to notice that the latest official ONS stats show that crime has RISEN by 8%.  Blatantly ignoring Purdah and sticking a large oar into the democratic process.

The final straw is the revelation that after the multi million £ excesses of IN/OUT the Home Office have actually spent £2,700 promoting the PCC elections.  That is not a typo, that is two thousand, seven hundred pounds.

In 2012 they spent £3 million on a TV campaign for the elections.

If they followed the Electoral Commission’s recommendations they would have to spend about £9 million.

Instead they will be sending out a few posters to election officials at a cost of £2,700.

Is the process rigged?  You bet it is.  How anybody can describe it as fair is beyond me.


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4 thoughts on “PCC Elections?  Sshhh Maybe Nobody Will Notice”

  1. Gordon Williamson

    Alan, I agree totally!
    All just part of the process of politicising the Police, last thing they want is independent PCC’s. The Police being affiliated along party political lines does not mean they represent the public it means they represent their party.

    1. The shocking thing is just how blatant they are being. No regard for Purdah or even plain old “fairplay”

      1. Gordon Williamson

        Absolutely, couldn’t agree more! Fair play! What’s that?
        It appears that the Police are to blame for everything now. From Hillsborough to the Miners Strike, can’t wait to see what I can be blamed for! Perhaps the Police can be blamed for the Iranian & Libiyan Embassy sieges, just in case I’m taking the 5th and anyway I was upstairs collecting fairs at the time.

        1. There seems to be a desire to blame everybody EXCEPT the person who pulled the trigger as it were. None of us are perfect, but ultimately the responsibility rests with the true culprit, who could have changed their course of action at any time.

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