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News From The Support Staff

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Crisis?  What Crisis?

This morning’s blog post provoked a reaction.  A reaction I wasn’t exactly expecting, and a reaction that isn’t in any way good news.

I have to confess, I take a share of the blame myself here,  we do tend to concentrate on the Front Line, the ever-shrinking Police Services around the country, and we may be a little bit guilty of forgetting the Police Staff, the Support Staff, the Bloody Civvies without whose help nothing would ever get done.

Well my quill was barely back in its pouch this morning when I received an e-mail from one of those loyal Bloody Civvies who works in the Met.  Naturally enough they’ve no desire to be identified for obvious reasons, but basically their story is this;

It’s like Miley Cyrus says, they came at us like a wrecking ball. 289 CJU staff to be reduced to 129 replaced by iPads sending case papers to court digitally. We all have to apply  for our own jobs pitted against our peers.
The 156 unlucky ones will end up in re deployment with little chance of getting out.

That is reality for the a certain section of Support Staff in the Met TODAY.  Not threats for the future, NOW.

How exactly is the Front Line meant to continue persecuting, sorry, prosecuting the criminal fraternity with the CJU Staff being slashed by more than half?

How many departments within the Met is this being repeated in?

How many other Forces are suffering the same?

Bottom line, how much efficiency is being affected by draconian cuts?

Cruella, Call-Me-Dave do you even CARE?

We do.

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1 thought on “News From The Support Staff”

  1. Eastlondonmetofficer!

    Irony is I-pads aren’t to be rolled out till 2018 at the earliest and the new electronic case papers still need a paper copy! There may be money for technology but the only solution to the leak in my locker room leak through the rusty radiator pipe was to turn it he water off!

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