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Bloody Civvies

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Last updated on October 23rd, 2023 at 05:05 pm

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Behind every good cop is a bloody civvie.  The oft-forgotten backbone of the Police Service is the Police Staff, affectionately known as the bloody civvies. Many people don’t realise it but the relationship between officer and civvie can be a very intense one sometimes. At the coal face they frequently work closely together and almost rely on each other equally.  For example, Police Officers have to rely on and respect the skills and judgement of the Control Room staff. Nobody wants to split the traffic in rush hour for 5-10 miles only to find a civil dispute over a hedge at the end of it, or NOT be given the true status of an active ‘Suspects On’ or ‘Officer Requires Assistance” shout. Teamwork.  They are part of ‘The Team’.

What gets forgotten is that the ‘bloody civvies’ have suffered equally, or more, during ‘The Cuts’.

I don’t have the greatest amount of time for the Corp Comms or HR staff. They tend to inhabit their own world, but the Comms Staff, Intel Assistants, Analysts, CID Clerks  (showing my age now) and the like can rightly regard themselves as ‘important’ even ‘indispensable’.

Rightly, much is made of the ever-shrinking number of front line officers. The cuts to the Police Staff make just as much difference but often pass without comment.

Well, I, and others, am commenting.

Nationally the Police Service has lost almost 20,000 Police Support Staff (NOT including PCSOs and Specials) since 2010, and that looks something like this

However, in attempt to minimise Police Officer losses,  the Met has lost proportionately more, NEARLY HALF since 2010, and that looks very much like this

It’s tempting to make a politically incorrect comment at this point, but surely ANYBODY can see that no organisation can lose almost half of its staff and continue to function as though nothing had happened.  This has to be hurting the Met in every area of its business, on top of the Police Officers they have already lost and will continue to lose.

THIS is why there is a #CrisisInPolicing

Come on Mr Khan, London can’t go on like this.  Neither can the rest of England and Wales.  It’s about bloody time that the Mayors, PCCs, Commissioner and Chief Constables joined together, and with one voice, point out to Theresa May and Amber Rudd that #CutsHaveConsequences. Not just boots on the ground, but behind the scenes.  I know of at least one Police Station where the Police Staff have been cut so hard that a warranted Police Officer has had to be taken off the streets to do the job that the redundant civvie had been doing. How mad is that?

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4 thoughts on “Bloody Civvies”

  1. Good analysis. Trouble is, The Establishment, which includes all Parties…. and the Masons who encompass (?) all Parties, let alone Common Purpose ( google Common Purpose scam) all combine to divert everyday attention from reality. You, of all people, will know the sinister grip of Masonry. Some Masons are OK….. others are irrevocably gripped….. way beyond the bonhomie and everyday play of local contacts and good works. That dark path has controlled many a Police outcome…. along with Coroners, Courts and numerous cover-ups. I am ex-Army, I defend The Thin Blue Line …….. please recognise that ranking coppers are looking for a Gong, Knighthood, Outrageous Pension and a station in life for the submissive her indoors. Too harsh?

    1. I am aware of the existence of Freemasons within the Met, can’t speak about other Forces though. ??

  2. Gordon Williamson

    Over the years seen so many of our civilian family been cast aside.
    We lost our canteen staff, cleaners, Section House staff and so many in our admin/support that did so much to make to make the Police such a great family to be a part of.
    They all contributed to the efficiency and effective service that the Police provided to the public.
    We are very much the lesser without them.

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