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It’s Not All Guinness and Skittles

Last updated on June 6th, 2023 at 07:23 pm

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Something has been brought to my attention by one of our number, and it is something that had completely and utterly escaped my attention until now.

This wonderful coalition government has caused all sorts of people all sorts of hardship, to Police, NHS, Armed Forces to name just a few.  But I think we can top that people.

This story doesn’t involve the 43, the PSNI or even the Jocks.

In November last year it was reported that;

Gardaí are angry that a payment due next month [December] will not be made until the New Year, and say many members will suffer financial hardship over Christmas because of the delay. The Garda Representative Association is also concerned that problems created by the late payment will be compounded by budget changes being applied to money earned this year.

“Garda management definitively stated that gardaí will not receive unsocial hours’ pay due on Dec 20 — a move that will cause great hardship to many of our members over the Christmas period,” said GRA president John Parker.

“Payments for some night duty and weekend work will have been already deferred for up to six and a half weeks; now we are told our pay will be delayed for a further two weeks and will be paid in January 2013.”

That was in November last year, fast forward to February 2013;

The largest group representing Garda members has said it is “extremely annoyed” at suggestions by the Government that it had ever been included in talks on extending the Cork Park agreement.

The meeting was arranged so the association could outline the financial hardship already being experienced by gardaí nationwide.

Gardaí will refuse to use their personal phones, laptops and cars and some are expected to refuse to work overtime on non-public duties at events such as music concerts and sporting fixtures.

While it was illegal for any Garda member to induce another into industrial action, Mr Stone said he was “not afraid” of leading his members, who were at their “wits’ end”, down a path of protest action.

In other news

HUNDREDS of rank and file gardai across Limerick are likely to participate in industrial action over proposed pay cuts if, as is expected, such a move is approved by the executive council of the Garda Representative Association (GRA).

The proposed cuts include reductions in overtime, premium payments as well as weekend and holiday payments.

Gardaí are facing great financial hardship while continuing to provide great dedication and commitment to the community. Our members cannot pay their loans and mortgages. Pay cuts are not an option,” it said in response to the proposed cuts.

It would appear that #TheyAreAllInItTogether in Eire also, as I also found the following little titbit;

“A senator is in receipt of €65,612. That gentleman or woman, through this agreement, will lose €612. A member of An Garda Siochana on €40,000 , who is obliged to work Sundays and nights, will lose €2,500. If that is fair then obviously I have a very bad mathematical brain.”

And TODAY‘s story is;

Nurses facing 11pc cut under pay deal as senators suffer just 1pc hit – unions

Unions and government officials are at loggerheads over claims that the Croke Park II deal will slash public sector workers’ wages by up to 11pc.

The Government insists there will be a much lower impact on staff than unions are claiming as a result of the plan to slash the state payroll by €1bn over three years.

A new report commissioned by frontline staff shows that a staff nurse will suffer a 11.4pc loss in pay compared with a cut of just 1pc to a senator’s wages.

The figures, commissioned by unions opposing the agreement, show huge differences in the impact of the deal on various public servants.

Compiled by an actuary, it says staff nurses would suffer a €5,662 loss to their €49,501-a-year pay, compared with a €621 loss for a senator on €65,621.

It says gardai would be hit by a 5pc reduction in wages, while firefighters would be down 3pc.

Paramedics and care assistants would suffer deeper cuts of over 9pc, while mid-ranking civil servants face reductions in the region of 7pc.

Now I wouldn’t dream of defending the unethical actions of our government one little bit, but these stories bring home that the misery and grief is shared by others, whilst other governments appear to be just as selfish and unethical when it comes to allocating pain.

Please share this story with others and maybe we can demonstrate to the Garda and Nurses of Eire that their brothers and sisters in the UK stand side by side with them.

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3 thoughts on “It’s Not All Guinness and Skittles”

  1. Shameful way to treated ! I recall a National Day of Action 20 yrs ago ? They called it ‘Blue Flu’. A huge number of them called in sick en mass on one paticular day. I can’t re-call if they got what they wanted as a result. But they sound more militant & not adverse to ‘taking positive action’ in order to protect their rights than UK Plod.

      1. Sorry for the spelling in my original post ! I was in a hurry. Yes, i recall that now ..a huge number of The Gardai phoning in sick , and Superintendents manning response vehicles & Panda’s along with The Army dealing with Everyday policing Issues. They made their point for ONE DAY. PFEW need to make a point too …….. can you imagine ONE day in England & Wales with 80 % less Police on duty in any of the 43 Police Services ? Chaos ……… And maybe then the Government would wake up …………

        Not an easy option, but PFEW need to exercise greater militancy. Times have changed.

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