I Told You The Coalition Government Cared About Us But You Wouldn’t Believe Me

Last updated on May 8th, 2023 at 11:35 am

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I have posted several blogs about cuts to the Police, cuts to the NHS, Probation & Prison Services, Armed Forces etc etc.

This coalition government that we seem to have won in some kind of bizarre raffle just goes on and on.  Cutting everything in the names of Austerity and Reform.

Well listen to me Camoron, IT HAS TO STOP.

It’s bad enough that you’ve strangled the Police, our beloved NHS, the Justice system, Prison and Probation Services. They are now mere shadows of their former glorious selves, and I don’t suppose that any one of them can now be regarded as a Flagship, best in the world.

But you really do have to stop slashing and burning the Armed Forces.

You’ve cut the Army to the bone, not much more than a Defence Force now.  Heaven only knows what would happen if they were faced with two simultaneous theatres of operations.

I know form my brother-in-law’s experiences exactly how our fine airmen are being treated thank you.  You wouldn’t get away with that if they had a Trade Union I can tell you.

Then, this morning, I found this;  The State of The Navy

“At first glance it may appear there are many good reasons for optimism about the Navy but closer study quickly reveals serious deficiencies that undermine its credibility as both a deterrent and a fighting force.”

“Although equipped with mostly modern and effective vessels, this does not mitigate for severely reduced numbers. However good a naval unit may be, it cannot be in 2 places at once, a particular problem for a navy with global ambition.”

““The undeniable truth is that we are simply not spending enough on defence, and our sailors, soldiers and airmen are suffering in consequence” Col Bob Stewart”

“Overall the RN has some great capabilities but lacks critical mass, has its eggs in a few very expensive baskets and is inadequately resourced for its current commitments, never mind the unexpected.”

“The RN in in 2014 is at a particular low point, having lost a swathe of ships and aircraft as a result of the 2010 defence review. At least 1 new aircraft carrier, the F35 Joint Strike Fighter, new submarines and frigates are promised and in various stages of construction but none will be operational before at least 2020. There is also uncertainty about exactly how many of these assets the RN will actually receive.”

“Now down to just 19 surface escorts, this number is totally inadequate even for the RN’s routine tasks and allows no contingency to replace combat loses, breakdowns or the unexpected.”

So, the answer, it seems, is simple.  Dave, you and your cronies can relax. I do hope that the weather in Portugal is suiting you well.  Your team back here can carry on decimating everything contained within the ‘family silver’ and I’ll just hope that this blog gets read around the world and that anybody at all who has an issue with the United Kingdom or our allies will hold off until at least 2020.  That would be fair of them wouldn’t it?


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