Just Open Another Box

Reading Time: 2 minutes If ever I needed proof that the government have succeeded in hoodwinking the great British Public it was served up in abundance on last night’s BBC1. One Show. Firstly we had Richard Garside from  The Centre for Crime and Justice Studies.  I assume that this is some kind of Think Tank that the government has commissioned […]

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Give Bullying The Boot

Reading Time: 2 minutes Let’s be honest bullying of any sort has no place in modern society, I don’t think very many would disagree with that’s. The irony is that many who vow to stamp out bullying are, in fact, some of the biggest bullies themselves. I was having an e-chat yesterday with somebody yesterday and we agreed that

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Mutual Aid

Reading Time: < 1 minute in the week that sees the Annual Police Federation Conference in Bournemouth I was reading Chris Hobbs’ powerful letter to Theresa May  After exchanging a bit of banter with Clive Chamberlain it hit me.  It has often been quoted that cuts to the Police Service have already amounted to losing the equivalent of Devon&Cornwall, Dorset,

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