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Govt PROVES It Doesn’t Care About Policing

Last updated on May 8th, 2023 at 11:42 am

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just when you thought you were buckling up for a bumpy ride, the whole thing went off the rails.

During the lifetime of the last, inept, coalition government we saw cutbacks to Policing (amongst other Public Services I hasten to add) on a totally unprecedented and eye-watering scale.

At the last count we have lost something in the order of 17,500 warranted Police Officers with a similar number of Support Staff.

Depending upon where you live or work we have lost a significant number of Police Dogs, vital to the fight against Crime and Public Disorder in my opinion. Does anybody outside government disagree please?  In my own Force area we currently have a grand total of 64 Police Dogs to cover this and another Force area on a resource-sharing scheme. 64 dogs to cover 3 large rural counties plus one other smaller county.  Is that reasonable/feasible/sustainable?

Since at least 2010 #DeadBadgerShire Police have had NO Police Horses at all.

The number of Emergency, and Non-Emergency Calls to Police rises year upon year.

The population of #DeadBadgerShire has increased by more than the National Average, by 8% I believe, in the past few years.

Only the government and Sara Thornton persist with the ridiculous lie that crime has fallen.  Even in Theresa May’s own constituency Recorded Crime generally has risen.  Why would she not know that?

Why do the government and NPCC persist with the lie that crime has fallen?  What is their agenda? We probably know the answer to that, but I’m shocked that NPCC are Aiding and Abetting this villainous Home Secretary.

On one hand we have Theresa May saying that crime is down and on the other hand chastising the Police for fiddling the crime figures. Which is it to be?  She can’t assert that crime is down based on dodgy stats, so where is this coming from?  Not Recorded Crime or ONS data that’s for sure.

Knife Crime, Stabbings etc are Up, but Theresa May insists that we cut back on Stop and Search.

Manpower down, Horses down, Air Support arguably down, Dogs down, Police Stations down, Front Counters down, budgets down.

In the face of all this Crime is Up, the Population is Up, Demand on Police Resources is Up and further, staggeringly severe cuts are in the offing.

The National Audit Office recently claimed that the Home Office don’t  understand the cuts they are making, yet, do they call a halt to reconsider?  No they do not, Carry On Regardless.


In the latest chapter of the Conservative buffoonery Policing minister Mike Penning announced a funding consultation yesterday, in the wake of a “comprehensive” review of the existing formula. He said the new model would use population levels and characteristics, as well as environmental factors, to determine how money is allocated. The intention is to create a “fair, robust and transparent” system. But at least one PCC remained sceptical, saying it reinforced the need to support the PCC’s Fair Funding campaign. “We will not have another chance to achieve fair funding for at least a decade if this revision fails us,” he said. “Over 1,700 have signed the petition to date but we need to make that figure much higher so that the Home Secretary recognises the strength of feeling from local people who are being discriminated against.

The only possible explanation that I can think of is that the government simply DO NOT CARE and are following an agenda that many may suspect but has not been openly declared yet.

Please explain to me how I am wrong.

Maybe, somewhere, somehow this whole criminal, reckless scandal breaches the Human Rights of the British Population at large.

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3 thoughts on “Govt PROVES It Doesn’t Care About Policing”

  1. It won’t change till we give MP’s the same Police Service everyone else is getting.All this rubbish is having no effect on MP’s (armed protection etc) Give the buggers a taste of their own medicine then they would soon change things for the better.

  2. Spoke to a dog handler at a job and the met is losing 1/3 of its GP dogs and all handlers will be duelled trained! Despite the demand for them going up! Soco coverage has already been reduced so trying to get one after 10pm unless a major job is impossible! Can’t see how the organisation can make any more saving without selling off most of our buildings and further staff reductions!!

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