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Exactly Why TJF

The main reason I’m writing this is simply because it’s too long for an X Was Twitter.  The other reason is to share my views on how & why TJF. I have spent most of this morning on the phone trying to source a new TV because I was stupid enough to watch the latest episode of To Catch A Copper,  The Chief Constable of Avon and Somerset, Sarah Crew, had invited the cameras in to see how the PSD and Anti Corruption Unit work, what they do and a cross-section of the sort of incidents they deal with.… Read the whole post

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smoke and mirrors

We Have Been Royally Had Over

Nothing to do with the Royal Family, but we have been royally had over by recent versions of what the Conservatives like to call a government. We all know by now the extent of the damage caused to Policing the Tories since 2010, so I’m not going to waste your time or mine 0 0… Read the whole post

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Police Misconduct – The Culture

For years I seem to have avoided writing very much about Police Misconduct, at least as the main topic.  I’ll be perfectly honest, the last few months or so I have become increasingly vexed by the number of Keyboard Warriors on Social Media, mainly that Twatter, who are constantly banging on about the ‘Cultures’ of Misogyny, Racism, Rapists, Murderers and vile Wassappers, so I have given in and decided to take a dive into the murky topic that is  Police Misconduct – The Culture The Workforce The most recent figures for Police Misconduct cover the 2021/22 year. … Read the whole post

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I Hate You Butler

I Hate You Butler, or more accurately, we hate you Police, seems to be the Battle Cry of any modern day Conservative government. I’m happy to be corrected, but governments and Home Secretaries in particular, seemed to be relatively supportive in the past, regardless of which party they belonged to. … Read the whole post

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