Will The Last One Out Please Turn Off The Lights – UK PLC Is Heading For The Badlands

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4 Responses

  1. Gordon Williamson says:

    I will try not to get into a rant about this. Not as easy as it may seem! You are of course right this is not reform, it is not to increase efficiency it is a deliberate act to decimate the Police Service and introduce further privatisation. If they wanted reform and efficiency they would have consulted those who have years of experience who’s voice has been ignored by successive Governments and Senior Police Officers. Who are often too arrogant and convinced of their own infallibility to listen to those who have to try and enforce or make one hair brained scheme work after another. The Government is one thing, they are politicians and as such are political. One should be inclined to disbelieve whatever comes out of their mouths. They will always operate from a position of self interest and not in the interest of the greater good. Senior Police Officers/Management (whatever it is they like to call themselves) should bow their heads in shame they have consistently acted without regard for those they represent. In case they are confused they represent their officers and the general public. They are supposed to be leaders unfortunately I see few of those amongst their ranks. Most of their officers have lost faith in their ability to lead or act with honour. They are now just another level in the political monster and jump from one minority interest group to the next little caring for the cause they profess to show interest in only caring for how it will enhance their political aspirations. I apologise to those who do have a greater calling and do try to act with honour but your voice has been lost. Your Officers and the public would love to hear some sanity above the constant posturing. They would like the Police Service to have the opportunity to get on with the job in hand and not listen to talk about reducing the service we offer the public. A reduction in the service we offer means that those that are disadvantaged the most are the poor and the minorities that can’t afford to pay for private security! Alan thanks for fighting the good fight and giving voice to those of us who feel strongly about the destruction of the finest Police Service in the World. OK I couldn’t help it, I ranted!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Gordon,

      Faced with further cuts of 25-40% what service CAN we offer? Any sane person can see that you can’t decimate an organisation on this scale AND maintain levels of service.

      One thing that most of our politicians are not, is stupid. They know full well what is likely to happen, yet they sit meekly back and say nought, copied by our NPCC Chief.

  2. Ken Ord says:

    Remove all protection from MP’s/VIP’s etc. due to cost saving,then we would get a response alright.Ofcourse CC’s would’nt allow it ,bugger everyone else

  1. September 4, 2015

    […] As a devout cynic I shuddered mightily when the announcement, followed by the reality, that we were going to (and have done) lose 17,500 Police Officers under Dave Camoron's 'Reforms'. That was bad…  […]

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