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We Have Recruited 55% Of The Additional Officers Under The Police Uplift Programme

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Last updated on July 19th, 2023 at 03:29 pm

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The latest stats are out and the government (Home Office) have proudly proclaimed that, as at 31st December 2021, they had recruited 55% of the promised Additional New Police officers.

Is this true? Is it bo****ks.

Police Uplift Programme

So, I accept that they have recruited 11,048 towards their ambitious target of 20,000, but is that 11,048 additional officers? As you can see above, less than 500 officers have been recruited outside of the Police Uplift Progrmme, and in fact, the total of 11,048 is actually 388 less than the end of November 2021, so they have actually shed officers overall during December.

Just to make things worse, almost 200 of the these ‘Additional‘ New Officers are going direct to Regional and Organised Command units. They have no experience FFS.

There has been a lot (and I mean a LOT) of talk recently about certain people misleading Parliament, but if the Home Secretary presents these figures to Parliament in their current form? Well, I don’t know what to think, but I sure as hell think that they are misleading, only accurate in the purest sense and most certainly do not constitute >11,000 Additional Officers.

There will no doubt be Academics out there who disagree with me and will tell me that I’m wrong, and that is their right, but all I will say is this. Please tell me where I have gone wrong, and where I can find the missing officers that should eventually make up the promised 50,000 in just over a year’s time.

Even the highly regarded College of Policing were confident that the goal of 50,000 (normal recruitment plus 20,000 extra) would be achieved by March next year.

Police Uplift Programme

How’s it going then?

Police Uplift Programme

Call me old fashioned, but I’d risk a healthy wager on missing it by a mile, but that is just my opinion.

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4 thoughts on “We Have Recruited 55% Of The Additional Officers Under The Police Uplift Programme”

  1. Alan,
    One has to be careful with what officials claim. Given recent reporting, mainly on social media are the officers recruited retained?
    Thames Valley have reported difficulties in recruiting:
    So far the College has indicated their online process has now dealt with 43k candidates with a pass rate of 73% or 31k candidates passed back to the forces to decide upon. So, if 11k have already been recruited, another 20k are waiting to join or have been rejected by forces or have decided not to join.
    It has been reported at least one force on social media, West Midlands, is recruiting officers who never had any face-to-face interaction.

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