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This Parrot Is Dead

Last updated on September 19th, 2023 at 02:53 pm

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I know a dead parrot when I see one and I’m looking at one right now.

Well, not really a parrot but a Superintendent’s Direct Entry Programme.

Many forces have indicated their continued support for the Direct Entry Superintendent Programme beyond 2020. However, our understanding of the current appetite for Direct Entry Superintendents would indicate there is not a sufficient requirement in order to establish a meaningful cohort for next year. So a decision has been reached that there will be a pause on recruitment into the Direct Entry Superintendent programme for 2020, with a view of reassessing service appetite in subsequent years.

A Pause you say? Does that mean a pause while the Superintendent’s Direct Entry Programme quietly disappears, or is this moribund parrot going to rise, Phoenix-like from the ashes to be stubbornly resurrected in a few years time when they hope the crusties will have gone quiet?

Or maybe this quietly sees the beginning of the end of several of Theresa May’s Vanity Projects?

  • Winsor’s Independent Reviews
  • Tom Winsor as Head of HMICFRS or whatever it’s called today
  • IOPC
  • Direct Entry Supernintendos
  • Direct Entry Inspectors
  • Graduate Entry Scheme and Apprenticeships

I have no idea what the cost to the Public Purse of the two Direct entry programmes has been, and evverybody has an opinion on how succesful and relevantthey have been, but the numbers do not really make sense to me.

In April this year I wrote a post concentrating on the Direct Entry programmes, it might have been a little bit critical bit critical but the numbers are simply these:-

In 3 years since the Programme began there had been a TOTAL of 54 Direct Entry Inspectors recruited, and in the 5 years since teir programme began there had been a TOTAL of 32 Direct Entry Superintendents.

And then it gets worse, the College of Policing decided not to tell me how many of those meaagre numbers had subsequently left (for any reason) but they did give me a clue (yes, I know it’s strange)

A) Up to 18.5% of Direct Entry Inspectors have fallen by the wayside one way or another since 2016.

B) Up to 31% of Direct Entry Superintendents have quit or been let go since 2014

Not exactly a glowing recommendation of such a controversial scheme, but I do know one thing in life.

This parrot is dead, it is an ex-parrot

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  1. Trevor Perks

    This fills me with an odd sense of satisfaction. Two-fold, inasmuch as the ludicrous notion that a RAF Regt platoon commander in charge of the stores in Helmand should be deemed a potential police divisional commander simply because he’s used to being called ‘Sir’, is apparently dying a death; and secondly because such people are realising there is a heavy sack of shit, not particularly well sewn at it’s corners either, that they will have to carry when they become a police divisional commander.

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