The BBC Is Spinning The News AGAIN

Last updated on September 20th, 2023 at 08:28 pm

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I am sorry folks, I don’t normally write about Immigration, Refugees and Asylum Seekers, but today has proved to be an exception, you can blame the BBC for that.

During an item on this morning’s Breakfast News programme Nagger Monchetti (sorry, have no idea how to spell it) was covering a news item about immigrants at Calais hiding in lorries, and other acts, in their attempts to reach a ‘safe’ country in order to seek Asylum.

Well, I’m sorry Auntie Beeb, but France IS a ‘safe’ country.

There is a convention that Asylum Seekers should claim Asylum in the first ‘safe’ country they enter, although this does not seem to be enshrined in statute.  Where those Asylum Seekers reside whilst their application is being considered is up to the member States of the EU to resolve, but it seems that even if an Asylum Seeker has entered the UK illegally, once they make their claim (if they ever do, and do not just stay here as Illegal Immigrants) then they become ‘Legal’ with the right to remain here (or wherever they are housed) until their claim has been resolved.

Whilst I have sympathy for them and the conditions they are fleeing, rules is rules, and the French traditionally don’t like rules.  Why are these Asylum Seekers not being processed in France (or Italy) and housed wherever the EU agrees whilst their claim is considered?  Instead we get the Mayor of Calais and other French politicians demanding that the UK does more about the situation in Calais and that we should provide more material assistance.  They certainly don’t need our TSG they’ve got their own CRS.

The Immigration system clearly needs to be shaken up and, dare I say, REFORMED, but in the meantime why not stick to the prevailing rules?

More importantly I do not need to be made to feel guilty by the likes of Nagger Manchetti because these immigrants are ‘only trying to reach a safe country’, they’re already in one, if they bring themselves to notice in France let them claim Asylum in France.

Maybe the answer has more to do with the fact that France is not as ‘soft’ as the UK.

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2 thoughts on “The BBC Is Spinning The News AGAIN”

  1. These people are not asylum seekers. That is the mistake the beeb and all the other media outlets keep making. They are migrants nothing more.
    It is likely that some have claimed asylum on their travels, any that were granted will be happily living in France or elsewhere in sunny Europe.
    The remainder will have been processed as illegal entrants served papers telling them they must leave the country. However because of their Human Rights the host country cannot remove them to their home country due to it Being unsafe.

    They are left to wander in no mans land, no right to work no right to benefits. It is exactly the same in the UK.

    They may be fleeing a sh1t country it is probably unsafe but that is a different debate.

    France must stop this and the EU has to support them. Set up a holding facility in another non EU country, like the Aussies have done. Clean, safe, food and water. If we take more and more in, more and more will come. What have they got to lose, their lives, well they’ve already proved that’s a risk worth taking.

  2. To get as far as Calais from countries such as Somalia, Afghanistan, Eritrea etc coming across deserts, hostile lands ,whilst all the time being preyed on by criminals, unable to seek protection from authority because of their illegal status is a formidable task. A very high percentage of these ‘migrants’ die in the attempt. To achieve an arrival in Calais, in itself demonstrates, resourcefulness, resolution, toughness and determination.
    Britain, Like the USA is a magnet for illegals because of the economic models operated in these countries. Profit is all, regardless of the lip service paid to only employing legal workers it is cheaper to employ illegals. Therefore both in the UK and USA big business employs many thousands of illegal workers mainly through arms length agencies. Hence the rush to the UK, the attraction is paid work, trying to get employment in France as an illegal is incredibly difficult although benefits are much higher than the UK.
    For an illegal immigrant in the UK to claim and come to the attention of the authorities for a benefit of as little as 5 pounds a day with the reporting conditions that are attached would be madness for them when work under the counter for 50 pounds a day is easily available.
    Where I live, in rural France, there are small communities of Asylum seekers, although there is considerable support politically for the FN within the wider community, the immigrants seem to be quite well accepted.
    I wonder if Theresa May would be prepared to fund a properly staffed and equipped border agency to pro actively seek out working illegal immigrants within the wider UK community, the agency certainly is not fit for purpose or effective now.

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