Open Letter To All Serving Police Officers

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At the very least all Constables.

You will doubtless be aware that Constable James Patrick of the Metropolitan Police Service is less than one week away from his resignation date, having ‘blown the whistle’ on the way Crime Figures have been manipulated, certainly within the Met.

He has been hounded out of a job he loved, and I do mean loved, he was passionate about it, because he told the truth and showed the Met up, exposing their crooked practices.

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe can say what the hell he pleases, but James was right and I, together with thousands of other retired Met officers, knows he was right.  I joined in 1972 and it was common-place then.  I can’t speak for your Force, I only have experience of the Met, but trust me everything James said to the Public Administration Select Committee and elsewhere was correct.

To validate James I will be giving examples shortly of the sort of practices went on that Hogan-Who and his senior management claim they know nothing about, even though Lord Stevens no less, acknowledges it.

The purpose of this letter is this.  I am fully aware that as serving Police Officers you may well feel that you cannot comment on this case.  I understand that.

You probably feel that you cannot openly express any support for James. I understand that too.

I’m not even going to ask you to agree that fiddling the figures goes on your Force.

I’m asking you for 25 PENCE.

James has told me roughly how much his legal fees will be for his Employment Tribunal, about the same as a House of Commons Barrista earns I believe.

But if every serving Constable in England could give at least 25 pence that will cover it.  All donations are anonymous.  We obviously see the details of who has sent it but those details remain confidential to us.  There are only 2 of us involved in raising funds James, I’m retired and the other man has never been a Police Officer, or civvie, so they’ll need a warrant to get anything at all out of us.

You don’t have to make a comment, you don’t have to go public, just quietly click on the link below and donate.

If you check back through my previous blogs you will see that 3 Peers of the Realm have publicly come out in support of James, and Baroness Jenny Jones is even skirmishing with Mayor Boris in an attempt to resolve the latest nonsense.

BREAKING NEWS – I have largely solved the problem of Paypal fees reducing the donations. For people who already have a Paypal Account, are willing to create one, the solution is this.

From within your opening screen (after logging in to your account) choose Send Money

Send it to the following email address

justice4pcpatrickAToutlookDOTcom (see what I did there?)

Enter the amount in GBP you wish to send

Click on “I’m sending money to family or friends” This option should be free of charges unless you pay by Credit Card and the money ends up in exactly the same account as if you had pressed the Donate Button.

A little more complicated and it only works for Paypal account holders but every fee that we can reduce is more for the Fighting Fund

I thank you

Please do it for James. #Justice4PCPatrick



Thank you

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15 thoughts on “Open Letter To All Serving Police Officers”

    1. Absolutely right Andy, to be charitable, the fact that he is resigning MIGHT complicate the issue a little, but he hasn’t left yet, so in my personal view he should qualify. The Fed they are providing something but at this point in time I don’t know what that something is.

    1. Absolutely right Andy, to be charitable, the fact that he is resigning MIGHT complicate the issue a little, but he hasn’t left yet, so in my personal view he should qualify. The Fed they are providing something but at this point in time I don’t know what that something is.

  1. Sorry if this is a stupid question but is there no support coming from the federation?

    1. I believe that the current situation is that the Fed are currently deciding whether to assist him or not. If this is inxorrect I hope they will correct me

      1. Thanks for the reply but doesn’t really clear this up. Can I suggest the Fed actually make a decision and explain what the issues are? Then perhaps this appeal is still needed then officers can make a decision if they agree or not, take a stand if they disagree and stop their subs for a month and give them to James.
        Not trying to be difficult but its a ridiculous situation on all fronts.

        1. I couldn’t agree more. James is in negotiation with the Fed. As a nn-member I can’t really influence them, although my personal opinion is that they should represent him. As soon as a decision is made we can let you all know.

          1. Please do keep us informed as everyone needs to know, especially the bit where officers might not be getting something the pay for!
            I know the real issue here is James and his situation, I wish him well, but unless there are considerations the rest of us are unaware of finance shouldn’t even come into this, especially an amount that would be easily covered by the interest of Fed coffers.

          2. I really do wish that I could give you more of an answer, but the truth is that James is having ongoing discussions with the Fed over funding and representation, complicated, no doubt, by the fact that he will no longer a Police Officer in a week’s time, and his full Tribunal hearing is not untl September time. Please be assured I will most certainly update everybody just as soon as there’s something concrete to tell you

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