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So there I was, sat in Angry Towers, eating my muesli, sipping on a glass of Goji Berry juice, enjoying a nice quiet breakfast,  when my day was ruined by the appearance of Call Me Dave Camoron gracing my telly box.

So what was so special about today? Any day that features David Camoron tends to be a bad day.

The answer is this “All government policies will have to pass a “family test”, David Cameron has announced.”………..”From October, every new domestic policy “will be examined for its impact on the family”, the prime minister said.”

Firstly, why wait till October?  Why can’t it begin to happen NOW?

Secondly, does he think we’re STUPID?  There’s a General Election next May, surely this can’t be a cynical attempt to win back the voters that he’s shafted over the past four years?  Can it?  He wouldn’t do that surely?

Thirdly, if it’s so important that every government department should  be held to account for the impact of their policies on the family, why didn’t he do something about IBS and his infamous Bedroom Tax?  Does that not impact on families Dave?  Or maybe it wasn’t so important then?

IBS’s Department of Work and Pensions have also claimed another place in the Westminster Hall of Shame with their sanctions against JobSeekers who, for very valid reasons sometimes, might miss an appointment or fail to apply for the prescribed number of jobs in a week.  Does that not have an impact on families?  Was that policy OK then Dave?

I’m sure that there have been many others over the last four years, these are just the two that irk me the most at the moment, that most definitely impact on families, and both seem to have IBS at their very core.

The icing on the cake was moron Dave’s warning that we have to be careful of ‘Blowback’, British citizens arriving back from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan or wherever they may have been fighting for the cause, intent on committing some form of terrorist outrage on British soil.  Tell me Dave, who was it who slashed the Armed Forces to a shadow of their glorious former selves?  Who has got rid of 16,000 Police Officers in the last four years?  The UK Border Agency is set to shed 8,500 jobs (22%) by 2015, yet another Coalition triumph.  And then you have the nerve to tell us to look out for returning terrorists?   What bloody planet are you on?

Rest assured on one thing – Government cuts are NOT going to make this country better able to resist a terrorist attack be it by home-grown, domestic terrorists, or terrorists from anywhere else in the world.  If you think I’m wrong Dave, please, please explain to me how I’m wrong.

Here endeth today’s lesson on how Dave has pissed me off.

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