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It’s All The Police’s Fault (No It Isn’t)

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I am grateful (again) to @NathanConstable. I had the read the article about West Yorkshire Police and dutifully spluttered coffee into my All Bran but Nathan tweeted that we should read he comments, which I had failed to do.

The gist of the article was about the reduction of Police Officers and PCSOs in West Yorkshire Police since 2010.  Nearly 100 fewer officers in Bradford alone.

To offset these losses more Specials have been recruited.

The comments, however, were shocking.  Some quite vociferous condemnation of West Yorkshire Police for what? For carrying out government policy, Reform if you wish.

Has one person from the Home Office stood up and said “It’s our fault, not the Police’s. We told them to do it”?  NO

Cruella and the Milky Bar Kid are the architects of this reform, and they remain notably quiet.

We tend to be a bit parochial and most of us only take notice of the Police Forces a) Where we live and b) any Police Forces we may have served in.  This story may be being repeated all across the land.  I don’t know because I haven’t looked, but as Nathan points out, the detail is in the Comments. It seems that at least some of the Public have been taken in by the government snd HMIC and do actually beieve that it’s the Police’s fault.

A couple of years ago I posted The Crucifixion Cycle and sadly it seems to be coming true, whilst we still (in the main) enjoy a good level of Public Confidence, there are those who would seek to crucify us, and government and HMIC are doing NOTHING to correct the opinion of those who believe that it is the Plice’s fault. NOTHING.

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3 thoughts on “It’s All The Police’s Fault (No It Isn’t)”

  1. Let’s be honest the government won. An excellent campaign in Propoganda destroyed emergency and public services. The people who voted for them believed the hype, you know gold plated pensions etc, and only now they realise what a bad choice they made. However it is too late and all that has changed is either gone forever or will take years to reinstate.

    Would Labour have done any better?
    I don’t know but l think they would have protected the emergency services police and Nhs more.

    Ask the questions, if the Tori policies were so good, where is all the money that was saved and why is the deficit larger than it has ever been?

    Think carefully next time you vote!

    1. No way will this be the end of it. Some parts of the UK already have private security patrols and I believe this is the end game. Civilianisation was the creeping beginnings to test the waters (PCSOs, council wardens, etc) and then when the public get used to being told what to do by untrained civilians in uniform then bring in private security. It won’t be long before forces and councils outsource their uniformed civilians to the likes of G4S or even the lowest bidder and that’s where the real problems will start. Imagine shaven headed bully boys, completely ignorant of the law, pushing people around with little or no accountability and then shouting up for the few constables left when they don’t get their way or it goes wrong. Youtube is full of these private goons. Policing & Security nor the safety of the public shouldn’t be allowed to fall into the hands of these rich corporations.

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