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Chameleon Camoron Finally Decides Upon His Party’s Colour

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And he seems to have chosen black, Dave Vader and the rest of the Tory Party have absconded to the Dark Side.  He has nailed his colours firmly to the mast and announced to the world the contempt he has for the Public Services.

Even though the smoke from the Olympics closing ceremony was still hanging in the air, the government has already awarded G4S a new contract worth £13 million for Tagging in Scotland.  Hospital services across the country are being sold off the highest bidder.  In a landmark decision, the running of Hinchingbrooke Hospital in Cambridgeshire will be handed over to Circle, one of Britain’s most prominent health care providers.  Former Tory Health team member Mark Simmonds MP is also a paid strategic advisor with Circle. Coincidence?  Two of Circle’s major shareholders are Tory Party donors. Coincidence?  In fact, emails released to the Guardian (by SpinWatch) in July this year showed Circle was part of a lobby group that took the NHS regulator to expensive gala dinners.  Coincidence?

Andrew Lansley has been funded by a major healthcare provider  Coincidence?

A company called ISS Facility Services Healthcare will deliver soft facility management services to the three London Trusts and the Institute of Cancer Research that comprise the Fulham Road Collaborative under a new contract worth £100 million.  The Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust and the Institute of Cancer Research worked together on a competitive tender process for the new contract.

And then we had a grey haired old man trying to wheel his ET bicycle through the wrong gate at Downing Street.  This led to a foul-mouthed outburst of 4 letter expletives allegedly including the word PLEB.  Much has been made of this and, personally I wish it would now end, but I can completely understand the problem here.  Police Officers get told to F**k Off (or similar) most days of their working lives, I don’t suppose the officer was too shocked by that, what was more shocking was who said it.  But the use of the word PLEB takes the insult to a whole new level.  In it’s way it’s far worse than the F word.  It shows how little regard this little man, and maybe his whole party, has for the Police, what he really thinks of them.  He has denied saying it, the Police Officer’s notes are wrong,  but he has never told us what he did say.

In his closing speech Dave Vader told the world that his party were the party of the NHS, and that they had protected the NHS from spending cuts.  Really?  Ask an NHS employee, don’t take my word for it.

The ultimate kick in the gonads was when he praised the Army (quite rightly) for filling the void after G4S let the country down in the Olympics without even acknowledging that they did not do this alone.  It is only a matter of weeks since those tragic events in Manchester, did Dave offer his condolences within his speech?  No.  He may have spoken about it previously but if he can bring up G4S/Army/Olympics all over again he can pay tribute in his speech to those two recently fallen officers in the same speech.  Only he couldn’t because he did not use the word POLICE once in his speech.

Dave Vader claims that his party are the party of Law and Order.  Well, much like his claim to be the party of the NHS it doesn’t look like it to me.

How many of YOU will be voting Tory or LibDem next time around?

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