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Last updated on September 20th, 2023 at 08:19 pm

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Last night, just before sleepy byes I was trawling Facebook and came across a post that left me totally speechless.
It is ALLEGED, allegedly,  that Andrew Mitchell MP had appeared on TV last night, time, channel and programme not stated, claiming that he is suffering from PTSD as a direct result of #Plebgate.

To date I have been unable to verify this post, did anybody else see the poor, unfortunate Mr Mitchell baring his soul on TV?

Going back the the Google Vaults it was previously claimed that his career was ‘in ruins’.  Is it?

It was previously claimed in the Press that he faced ‘financial ruin’.  Is he ruined?

At this moment in time. I most certainly cannot verify the story in the Facebook post, but if it is indeed true it would lead me to thinking even worse of Mr Mitchell.

Andrew Mitchell embarked upon a course of conduct of HIS choosing, and now, years later, he is possibly claiming that those events have left him with PTSD.

Ah bless.

How about some help and sympathy for Squaddies, cops and firefighters whose chosen careers are infinitely more risky than being an MP, and hundreds of them are genuinely suffering from PTSD.

Sorry Thrasher, not buying it, no sympathy here.

UPDATE – Here it is!!


Andrew Mitchell Talks About His Depression Following #Plebgate

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7 thoughts on “#WTFGate”

  1. Alan if you are quick BBC News at 10 at about 16 minutes in. Nothing overly contentious it is a general article with Norman Lam MP Alistair Campbell and Ruby Wax about the lack of therapies for those suffering depression.

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