Who Would Join This Job Any More?

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Who would join this job any more?  Who would stay in this job any more?  What job?  Policing is the answer.

I know I’m an old crusty dinosaur out of touch with the world of Policing, but I do take a keen interest in it, and will support it when I can.  That obviously isn’t always possible.  I certainly don’t, and won’t officers who are convicted of Murder, Rape of Corruption etc, but I will most certainly support my former colleagues when they try their very best to deal with a traumatic, or complex, situation but through no fault of their own something goes wrong and they fail to achieve the desired result.

Yesterday the IOPC published this Tweet, or should I call it an X?

Part of their Press Release is shown below, but you can read the whole thing by clicking on the link in the Tweet/X

Who Would join this job any more?
Fig 1

Now, I know no more about this than any other member of the public, so I’d best not comment too strongly, but there is much about this that I’m not comfortable with.

The ‘facts’

As reported in the Press at the time are these;

Officers on patrol in the area on June 13 found Mahmood at around 4.15pm at the junction of Melfort Road and Sandfield Road.

“Mr Mahmood was found with stab injuries,” according to the Metropolitan Police.

“Officers performed CPR and requested support from the London Ambulance Service. He was taken to hospital but sadly died there in the early hours of Wednesday, June 14.”

Seemingly Police Officers on patrol in uniform came across the victim, called an Ambulance, commenced CPR and looked after the victim until the Ambulance arrived, but sadly the victim later died in hospital.

A Murder Investigation was commenced and the Met offered appropriate sympathies to the family.

The Update

On the 4th July a 19 year old man was charged with his Murder.

Not an unreasonable length of time for solving a case of Murder in London.  Some go on for years,

One would think that, until the trial, that would be it, but sadly the family think otherwise.  I have total sympathy with the family for their loss, but on face value the Police seem to have done the best job possible, however a random Passer By seems to think differently.

The update to the update

The update to the update is pretty much encapsulated in the IOPC Press Release, but unsurprisingly the media have added their own spin to it.  Whilst the officers had administered First Aid and CPR, called an Ambulance and handed the victim over still alive, he sadly died some hours later in hospital.

The Police are not Paramedics.  Unless their training has changed drastically in recent years, in a situation like this they would have been taught how to bring the bleeding under control, and CPR, both of which it seems they have attempted, and the victim WAS alive on admission to hospital.

However a Passer By decided that they had not administered enough First Aid.

I wonder how much better qualified than the officers are this Passer By is.

I wonder if he/she has made a similar complaint about the Paramedics.

I wonder if he/she has made a similar complaint about the hospital doctors and nurses,

And I wonder why this ‘complaint’ has led to an investigation into two officers for Gross Misconduct and a criminal investigation into Misconduct in Public Office.

I totally get it that there are standards that have to be reached and adhered to, but this does sound a bit like sledgehammer versus walnut.

Two uniformed officers went to work that day not knowing what the day would hold.  I presume they went home that day, pleased that their ‘patient’ had been kept alive, but saddened when they heard that he had eventually succumbed to his injuries.  Then some weeks later they discover that they are being investigated for something that could see them both sacked and even possibly sent to prison.

If they have actually done, or knowingly failed to do something, then fair enough, I don’t know.  If, however, they haven’t then this is nothing less than Scalp Hunting.  I’ve said it before, ‘Fishing Expeditions’ were banned in Policing decades ago.

Did the AMIP Team investigate everybody who was on the street that day as a Murder Suspect?  No, of course they didn’t.  In a perverse kind of way I can only hope that there is some form of corroboration and substance to the Passer By’s complaint.   If not this is terribly cruel, presumably in the name of Appeasement.

Who would join this job any more? Not me.  As a naive, innocent young man I might, but I don’t think I would stay once I sussed what was going on, particularly after the Great Pensions Swindle.



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  1. Strange case, which begs the question is the ‘passer-by’ either a) a qualified First Aider or paramedic; b) in some way connected to the defendant; c) even is the defendant. Presumably the ‘passer-by’ has also complained to London Ambulance Service and the hospital who tried to save him? If, the ‘passer-by’ has not complained to them, why not? I expect we know the answer.

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