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Thousands of Met Police Officers Have Been Told Not To Use Sex Workers


Last updated on October 31st, 2023 at 07:43 pm

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Thousands of Met Police Officers have been told not to use Sex Workers.

It has been reported in The Mail and The Sun that instructions have been issued forbidding the use of sex workers by the Met’s Police Officers.  In the spirit of Equality I presume this includes female officers as well.

This instruction, whilst it makes sense in a way, leaves me wondering whether it is actually lawful.  It is not “unlawful” to use the services of a Sex Worker.  Unwise definitely, but unlawful, no.

On balance I could live with that, but the instructions reportedly go much further than that.

Also included are such gems as

  • Declare ALL ‘romantic relationships’
  • Declare ALL financial ‘windfalls’ over £5,000, PLUS those concerning their partners.

I have always supported vetting, I always will support vetting and in s0me areas it has been a bit of a joke. However, if I was still serving, I would think that some of these features are completely OTT and possibly in breach of the officers’ Human Rights, not that the current government care much about that.

Is one now expected to tell the Met every time they sell their house, or they or their partner sells a car for over £5k?  Speaking for myself, if a sum of money went through my bank account from any source, I would be perfectly happy to explain its origins etc etc, and I would expect nothing less.  It was a long time ago, but last time I was vetted I seem to recall having to produce Bank and Credit Card statements.  I did and I was happy to do so, but this definitely smacks of Big Brother, way too intrusive.  If an officer is actually suspected of ‘taking a bung’ there are legal routes the Job can go down to access their bank accounts. However, I’m pretty sure that most people moving ‘dirty’ money wouldn’t be putting it through their bank accounts, or declaring it to the Met.

What business is of the Met who you’re dating or married to?  Is anybody ever going to tell them that they’re having an affair or who with?

I have no time for corrupt cops whatsoever, but the Job and the Government  need to remember that Police Officers have Human Rights too.


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5 thoughts on “Thousands of Met Police Officers Have Been Told Not To Use Sex Workers”

  1. I post this just giggles but some of those requirements of the Met sound very similar to mine as a convicted sex offender. Is that where we’ve got to, an assumption that everybody should be treated as a potential sex offender? The only way it can be enforced is snitch culture which is a known morale destroyer. Good luck with it.

  2. R & A. At last a voice debating the total emasculation of the Met. Where you have young people living and working at the centre of a heaving mass of temtation, coruption, bribing drug enterprizes, young and adventurous protential ‘friends’ who like the uniform, what is expected? It is naure to be tempted and we will always have risk takers. What next? Monks? 24hr Web Cams? How far can we be trampled? What is the gain to what the public want. Real policeing!

  3. In my humble opinion and as a retired met officer this is totally unacceptable and not only that who’s going to police it. Imagine the amount of transactions that go through bank accounts on a daily basis over the 5k threshold. And as for relationships it’s non of your business. One more thing. If a person is gay but wants to protect their status. Big problem for them.

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