They Walk Among Us

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  1. Gordon Williamson says:

    Alan it seems that rather than blame the criminal who committed the offence it is easier for the press and some of the public to just blame the Police!
    Seems it is all part of the blame mentality

    It would seem that they don’t want us to stop and search people and they don’t want us to pursue suspects as you say we might as well pack our bags and go home.
    Please I’d like to know how do you stop criminals and prevent crime if you are not allowed to stop or pursues!
    They fail to realise that there are some not very nice people out there who do not conform to the laws and standards of behaviour that most of us do.
    These people have no regard for either your property or your safety.
    If you tie the hands of the Police they won’t just say OK we won’t commit crimes.
    They will continue with no fear and increase their activity.
    The majority of people who steal cars don’t do it for profit they do it so they can drive fast, they do it for the thrill.
    Stopping police pursuing them will not stop their need for speed and risk!
    They will continue to drive fast and dangerously, unchecked!
    Perhaps they should be looking at the social causes of such actions and the sentencing and rehabilitation of offenders.
    But all that costs, so it’s easier to blame the Police, they only people who are trying to prevent such activities and prevent anarchy!
    It is such a short sighted and naive view by some and by others it is just pure mischief and an easy headline!
    Yes you are right it is not just car thieves who use cars for criminal activity and how are the Police to know that they are a car thief, an armed robber, a child sexual predator or a terrorist unless they are actually allowed to stop and or pursue?
    Welcome to our world which is full of not very nice people and if anyone has a better way then we are happy to listen.
    Unfortunately I don’t hear any constructive ideas or anyone offering assistance.
    It is easy to blame the Police and it seems it is encouraged!

    • retiredandangry says:

      Yes, quite right, I suspect that very few cars are stolen for monetary gain. Speed and excitement are all, and they will still be driven dangerously whether Police are behind them or not. Sadly, no matter how much we assess and reduce the risk, we can never eliminate it completely. On the other hand, not many criminals are highly trained or conduct Risk Assessments

  2. Ken ord says:

    This all came about when the anti Police politically correct brigade got involved.I spent 18yrs as a Traffic Officer and although a few years ago when I first started we would stop the offending vehicle by what was known as putting it off.Yes it was dangerous but that way only the offender was put at risk.Very few were injured as a result but at least innocent members of the public were a lot safer.If the vehicle contained children or several passengers this wasn’t done.

    • retiredandangry says:

      Personally I see nothing wrong with that as long as there are no children etc in the car. As I said, they could always stop,

  3. Rufus says:

    The British public need to decide what it is they want the police to do? If they don’t want crime to be prevented or solved maybe a new ‘Civil Harm Reduction Service’ could be formed (as one think tank proposed) and officials just focus on vulnerable people. The problem is, too many high rankers don’t defend their officers and instead actively look to blame their lower ranked colleagues to appease a growing and very vocal politically correct, left wing lobby born out of a disinformed victimhood culture. The British police, seemingly are to blame for everything -even the deaths of minorities in the United States if recent march organisers are to be believed.

    • retiredandangry says:

      Can’t disagree with that. It’s absolutely crystal clear why morale is so low, and Middle Management upwards are completely away with the fairies when it comes to proper policing and supporting their troops when they’re not actually wrong.

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