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The Front Line Has Been Protected (Trust Me)

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Just another quickie from me today, as the Bishop said to the Actress.

In Mar 2010 there were 223 Chief Officers in the 43 Forces, in March 2010 there were 201, a reduction of 22, or just under 10%.

In the same period Superintendents, Chief Superindents numbered 1,502 in 2010, reduced to 1,157 in 2015, a reduction of 345, or 22%.

Chief Inspectors, 1,974 in 2010 reduced to 1,657 in 2015, a reduction of 317, or 16%

Inspectors went from 7,258 in 2010 to 5,701 in 2015, a reduction of 1,557 or 21.5%

Sergeants?  They went from 23,109 in 2010 to 19,148 in 2015, a reduction of 3,961 or 17%.

And finally, the Constables.  109,669 in 2010 became 98,954 in 2015, a reduction of 10,715 or 9.8%

So, contrary to my expectationms, the middle ranks have actually fared much worse, I must confess I was anticipating the exact opposite.  Surely there is room here to get rid of a few Chiefs though?  Their sacrifices seem disproportionately small to me, and more money to be save by culling them a little.

Have a good weekend, and avoid promotion like the plague.

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4 thoughts on “The Front Line Has Been Protected (Trust Me)”

  1. Obviously the Superintendent rank has the biggest percentage cut to allow for the introduction of the direct entry non-experienced Superintendent.

  2. It’s well known the higher you go in the Police FORCE the less you do.The promotion rational has always been to keep promoting till you get to a rank one level too high for your capabilities.How else would the powers that be know how far you can go?The problem for the troops is these so called supervisors have to much time to sit on their rumps causing all kind of stupid changes.Would’nt be missed if they got rid of 50%

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